Thursday, 29 July 2021

David is perkier

Now that he has had 19 out of 33 treatments with only 14 to go (and he is off on the train now for #20 and only 13 to go) he is feeling so much chirpier about being well on the way to completing them.

Apparently he is likely to start getting more tired about now, so I may start driving him all the way in, or driving him to and from Waikanae Station, and he may taxi from Wellington Station to close to the hospital - a walk being required to get his insides ready to remain still and unbubbly during the treatment. Now wasn't that discreet? 

20 out of 33 is approximately 60% - yay!!

Now we have to hope that our second vaccination doesn't slow up our travel plans - we want to be heading away a few days after David's radiation sessions are done as we have people we dearly want to see on our way north before our friend Lynne's 70th birthday party in Takapuna early in September.

Mmm, maybe we should have gone for an earlier first dose, in that case...

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NB Holderness said...

Hi Both, It is good to hear things are going on a pace and David is over the hump now. Congratulations on your first COVID jab Helen had ours in February and March. What have NZ been doing?

Cheers for now, Tony