Thursday 4 August 2022

Fingers crossed, so far, so good

So far, David and I have not had Covid. We have had all 4 vaccinations: the 2 original shots and the 2 boosters, all Pfizer.

We are still wearing KN95 masks on public transport (mandatory, although not enforced by the train guards or bus drivers) and when in shops or shopping areas. I wear my KN95 mask when I walk from the carpark to the work office and I don't take it off in the office unless I am drinking tea or eating lunch.

And a good thing too - I had two meetings on Wednesday in small enclosed meeting rooms with a man (maskless) who yesterday went in to isolation because his wife has tested positive.

I'm being extra careful because I am far and away the oldest in the project team (by at least 10 years) and am in the vulnerable age group, and because I really don't want David to get it - and I am more likely to bring it home to him than he is to me. He has had more than enough health stuff to deal with over the last 3 years. 

And much as I give him shit in this blog and in person, he is an absolute treasure and I love him dearly and I need to keep him healthy.

Here we are at the Opera House with our friend David R - waiting to watch the show The Girl From the North Country. All masked up. The 3 people who came and sat to David R's left were not masked, but most people were.

We are prepared to be wearing masks long term - I always used to wonder why Asian tourists in NZ were always masked. Now I happily wear one myself. 

And one benefit apart from the health one is that no one can see my wrinkles!