Saturday 1 April 2023

Moving in

Okay, so we are moved in to our new villa in Parkwood Retirement Village. I truly don't feel grown up enough to be here, but chronology says I am...

The move was relatively smooth overall. That was achieved through the following factors:

  • Mads, Bevan and Diane came to help with the unpacking - a very efficient team
  • Olek was here to lend young strong muscle
  • the movers were fast and efficient and very helpful about placing furniture in the right places and also about moving stuff if we changed our minds
  • a large batch of cheese scones I made early that morning, if I remember correctly - or perhaps the night before (?)
  • we were pretty stoic and speedy with decisions about what we could dispense with to the op shop (that has continued as we've unpacked the mountain of stuff in the garage)
  • Olek in combination with the trolley and the bike and with the cooperation of his grandfather, provided a lot of light relief for us as well as the neighbours! He determined that he could tow the trolley with the bike, so he made the necessary attachments and off he went. David was inveigled/pressured into getting into the trolley to be towed around ...
  • the builders, painters, plumber, kitchen installer, tiler and electrician had all done a magnificent job getting inside things completed or close enough to being done that we could move in while they finished off stuff on the outside. A big thank you to John who project managed it all and problem solved very very effectively.
An early morning load
The truck is here with our remaining worldly goods. Note the tradie's white van in front - work on the outside of the house was still going on!

We set the bed up early in the morning

Cheese scone time - but to be honest, there was constant grazing by all of us throughout the day.

The chair had to move out of the bedroom - too large. It didn't survive the cut and was donated to Robert and Glenn a couple of days later.

There wasn't really time for many photos - I was busy directing traffic inside, assisting with unpacking, clarifying where stuff should go in the kitchen/hall pantry, etc. 

It was a very full on day. We fitted in but there was still a garage load of stuff in boxes to unpack! And much of that had to wait while we went away in the motorhome...