Sunday 10 September 2023

Boat for Sale: nb Waka Huia is going on the market

We have decided to sell Waka Huia. When we first decided to buy a narrowboat, after 23 years of hiring for holidays, we saw it as a 5 to 10 year adventure. When the five years was up, we were definitely not of a mind to sell. In part our thinking had been that at the 10 year mark, our Scotland-based grandsons would be almost 19 and 14 and would no longer be so attracted to spending their holidays with us. For a couple of years during Covid when their dad lived onboard, they spent a lot of time on Waka Huia. So the attraction has been well and truly fulfilled for them, we think. Our son lives in Bulgaria now and is not keen at all on coming back to have time on the boat - he had his fill during the Covid years.

Also, we miss NZ winters and we miss our NZ family and friends. I in particular miss my walks with Ann Persico - with Ann walking in Stoke and me walking in Waikanae, connected by WhatsApp phone calls chatting our respective ways around our neighbourhoods. And I miss seeing spring in NZ - during the 3 years we could not travel I realised how much beauty we miss being away from the flowering magnolias and rhododendrons.

After 10 years of owning her, we think it's time we spent more time exploring the parts of Aotearoa New Zealand that 2IJ have seen but we have not! And in the 6 years we have owned our motorhome, we have not yet managed to find the time to go up to Northland ... We really do have to put as much serious time into discovering NZ as we have into exploring the beautiful canal system here in England. 

However, notwithstanding the pull of exploring more of NZ, Waka Huia is a wonderful boat and we have had lots of  fabulous fun and we've met some amazing people. We are sad about letting her go, but it's time.

So if you or anyone you know would love to own her, get in touch by leaving me a comment, please! 😃

Waka Huia vital statistics:

  • Length: 62 feet (almost 19 metres)
  • Hull: by Mick Cull
  • Steel: 10mm/6mm/4mm
  • Fit out in oak by original owner 
  • Year of build: 1996
  • Stern: Semi-trad
  • Engine: Lister Petter 36hp
  • Berths: 5
  • Layout: Reverse layout, so from the stern:
    • galley
    • dinette
    • bathroom
    • bedroom/cabin
    • saloon
  • Outside space:
    • Stern deck with canvas pramcover - new in 2023
    • Forward well deck with seats with lockers under, a fold down table, and canvas cratch cover - new in 2019

The boat was built in 1996 and is still in excellent condition - not just for her age, but in general. John and Trish who had the hull built and did the internal fitout did a fabulous job, and looked after her with great care. David and I have continued that, making sure there is no degradation internally or externally.

Hence the work that is going in now to make her ready for sale. Given we were last onboard in 2019, the deferred maintenance has now been undertaken - in large part through the efforts and kindness of Ian and Irene Jameison on nb Free Spirit - two wonderful friends. And also in large part through the skill of Ed Shiers of Four Counties Marine - an amazing man I have blogged about often.

Thursday 14/09: I have now posted photos - but when I wrote this I had to wash the roof so we could get on with the painting. And before I could do any painting, we had to cruise from outside the Braunston tunnel up Watford Locks to a suitably shady mooring - the batteries needed to be topped up and there was almost NO sunshine there on the Norton junction side of the tunnel! That was fabulous in the previous day's afternoon's heat, but not so good for batteries...


Jennie said...

I do hope that you get a speedy sale of Waka Huia. You will be missed around the canal system, but you have good reasons for moving on to other things. We both wish you well - we were lucky enough to meet you a few times and maybe we will again if you make it over to the UK again. Chris and I wish you both all the very best with whatever the future holds. Jennie xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Jennie and Chris,
Thank you for that.
We too hope for a speedy sale. Waka Huia is a lovely boat and it will be a wonderful asset from a pleasurable point of view for its new owners.

We enjoyed meeting you firstly down in Pershore and then in a variety of places - not least while you were out walking the lovely and much missed Monty - or was he walking you? And I remember our interchanges at Birdshit Alley in Gloucester ...
I reckon we will be back in 2025 - we have a hankering for some winter exploring in NZ in 2024.
Big hugs to you both, Mxx

Jenny said...

Ten years! That has gone by so quickly. Now time for a change and more time to travel around beautiful New Zealand for you both.

Anonymous said...

We will miss the boaty blogs of your adventures and interesting encounters all around the canals and rivers here.
However, we look forward to seeing the 'travelog' of your escapades exploring all around the picturesque parts of NZ.
Good Luck, here's to a smooth transition and another exciting chapter in your lives begining
Ann and Keith xx

Rosebud said...

Sorry to read your selling.Only met you for a short time in Pershore and Tewkesbury.Hope all goes well for the sale and you have ahappy life.Still got my boat Rosebud. Bill.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys was lovely to meet you over the last couple of days hope you have a safe journey back to nz, love Jen and Scotty xx

Elizabeth Burdett said...

A big, heart wrenching decision but I can’t imagine a more lovely narrow boat for some lucky buyer. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to visit or see you here earlier in the year! Have lots of fun exploring more of NZ, you’re an inspiration for getting out there and living life to the full! I need to get my big girl pants on and get on a long haul flight😬 or of course, look forward to seeing you back in the Uk in 2025! Safe travels and love to you both x

Lisa said...

Dear Both,
Sorry to read this and that we didn't get to catch up this summer. Summer seems to have gone by so quickly even though its still sunny, or should we say is finally sunny.
I will miss your boaty blog but like others will hang in there for a Kiwi travel blog instead.

See you down under one time or another, I'll be in touch for sure,

Lisa & David

Lisa said...

Oh and keep the recipes coming!!

Lisa xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Jenny,
We too are looking forward to more time to explore NZ. We need to test the heating and insulation in the motorhome in an NZ winter!
Cheers and hugs, Mxx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Ann and Keith,
I expect I will still be blogging - there's always lots to say and I cannot expect David to keep listening avidly, now can I?
Maybe the two of you should be making your way to NZ for a holiday?
Big hugs, Mxx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Bill,
It's a shame we didn't catch up with you again - that time ion Pershore was cool (although extremely hot!) and I remember we caught up with you again somewhere closer to Worcester when we had our grandsons with us.
Stay well, stay boating. Cheers, Marilyn and David
PS If you have any mates who would benefit from buying our boat, send them the link to the blog please?

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Jen and Scotty,
Thank you for your rescue mission at Crick - much appreciated indeed. We did go to the Wheatsheaf for dinner - what a good choice that was!
Lovely to come out of the boat the other morning and find you moored up in front of us - so lovely to renew the acquaintance. I hope you and Scotty make the trip to NZ soon - you know how to find us and we know how to find you!
Big hugs, Marilyn and David

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Liz and Barry,
It was such a disappointment that you couldn't come and join us. But we will see you again. Get those big girl pants on and make the trip to NZ. It would be so lovely to welcome you to our home and our lovely country! So do it!!
Love and hugs, Mxxoo

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Lisa and David,
We are sad to be leaving Waka Huia, but it feels like the right time - even though it's been quite a wrench on this trip back up the Leicester Arm.
Please make sure that you stay in touch and plan your next trip to NZ with a stop over to stay with us, okay?
I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more of your boating news.
I thought of you as we moored up by the aqueduct near the Welford Junction - git gaps galore ... So for the first time in absolute ages and probably for the last time, we have had to use pins!

Jen said...

😊 safe travels nz is on our list for a visit. Might be a few years yet but will keep you posted