Thursday 14 September 2023

Boat for sale: photos of nb Waka Huia

 I wrote about our putting nb Waka Huia up for sale on this post:

This post shows the photographs. You can see why we called the boat Waka Huia, the Treasure Box. John and Trish Woods who had the boat built and fitted it out, did an amazing job of it. And we have done our best to look after it while we have owned it. Its condition certainly belies its age, don't you think?


The pram cover was new this year. The tunnel bands will be repainted in the next week or so.


The cratch and its cover were replaced in 2019. The bow flashes are being replaced this week.

The solar panels on display.



The galley, view to the stern steps. On the port side, the butler's sink and freezer, stove and hob. Cupboards under the bench on the starboard side.

Cupboards over the bench. Larder fridge. Corridor to dinette.

The larder fridge, purchased in 2018. And the Zanussi Studioline washing machine that hasn't missed a beat since we've owned the boat.


We have 735 watts of solar, in an array of 4 panels x 100w and 1 x 335w panel.


The dinette. The table drops down to form a bed. Each bench seat has two lockers under. We can fit 6 people at the table because there is an additional piece of flooring that fits in the corridor with room for 2 stools.

The dinette converts to a double bed. Two duvulay mattresses make it extremely comfortable.


Pumpout toilet and vanity unit. Cupboards below and cupboards over.

Victorian hip bath (apparently) with shower over.


Looking down the corridor past the bedroom to the saloon.

The bedroom, looking back towards the bathroom and galley.

Double wardrobe with shelving


The saloon. The sofa is a single bed. It has 4 lockers under the seats and upright lockers behind the seat backs. There is a corner cupboard on the port side and a removable seat/locker on the starboard side on the former hearth - that was left in place in case any new owner wanted to install a solid fuel stove or diesel heater. Mel, the goat, is not part of the fixtures and fittings or chattels - he is coming back to NZ with us and, in fact, is already in his suitcase...

Shelving for TV and books

Room for TV and a mini computer. and a set of small odds and ends drawers.


From the saloon looking into the cratch

A lovely place to sit on sunny days or in the rain! With fold down table and seating on side lockers.


Bernice said...

All the best for the sale, we have lovely memories of our time on Waka Huia.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Thanks, Bernice. Are you sure that your lovely daughter wouldn't like to buy Waka Huia?

Anonymous said...

Hello, nb Waka Huia will make a lovely home on the water for one lucky family with all the equipment aboard needed for cruising the canals and rivers.
We wish you all the luck in your new adventures and look forward to your future blogging acompanied by some wonderful photos.
Thank you for the interesting amusing times times we spent together too.
Ann and Keith xx