Sunday 12 November 2023

And we are in Whanganui with the shortcut that wasn't.

 We ALWAYS underestimate how long it takes to pack the motorhome, so we left right on time - 2 hours later than planned.😅 We had eschewed going out to breakfast with the guys - and a good thing too as we would have been even later!

And the lesson from packing this time: load the bikes on first rather than last. 

By the time we get to putting them on, I have got in and out of the motorhome about 30 times (only a very slight exaggeration), I'm hot from clambering on and off the bed to put things away, on to the seats, on the stool to reach in the pantry, cups and glasses cupboard and pots and pans cupboard and down on my knees to store stuff in the cupboard under the sink and under the stove. And then there's putting the linen in the locker under the north/south seat... And that doesn't count the steps to and from the house and getting stuff out of low and high cupboards in there!

And getting the bikes on was a palaver - they were loaded and I was about to raise the rack with the winding pole when I realised I hadn't secured the straps that hold the horizontal section steady. BUGGER!!! So off they came - that makes it sound easy but aaarrrggghhh!!! Secure the straps and then repeat the loading. No wonder I am tired before we head away!

A banana and an apple to restore blood sugar levels and we were off. And because we were still a bit peckish, we stopped at Levin for a McDonald's filet of fish. I would have liked to stop at a cafe for a proper brunch/lunch but that would have taken too much time!

It's not a very long drive to Whanganui and it's a journey we don't tire of. And especially good in the motorhome because visibility is so good!

We are parked up at Denny and Cheryl's place, in front of their motorhome. And it is so lovely to be spending time with them that we are staying 3 nights instead of 2. Yay!!

David was on breakfast yesterday served to me in bed

And I sent this to Cheryl so she knew she didn't have to breakfast us.

 When I went inside for a shower, they were watching Q+A and Gerry Brownlee was being interviewed. He's a National Party politician I cannot stand and C&D are National supporters (it's their only flaw ...😈), so I ran towards the TV with my arms out for a hug, saying 'Oh my favourite! The pieman!' Then I retreated to the shower to cleanse myself of seeing him... Lovely shower, by the way.

Yesterday we walked over to visit Mary and Alan. We thought we would take the shortcut walk up the end of their street on to St John's Hill. Well, it's not a short cut and it's not short and it's not one hill, but it is a path of several up hill and down dale sections. And it seemed to be leading us away from the direction I thought we should be heading. So when I spied a road a short way off to the right of the path, I clambered up a little bank, across someone's scrappy front lawn (a bare section I think), on to the road. David, the intrepid one, cautiously followed ... No big dog was released to chase us off, no person came out shouting. And I waved in the direction of the house, just in case ...

Where we came out did require some backtracking on the streets but I knew where we were. 

So it was a long walk to Mary and Alan's but a much shorter walk back - 50 minutes vs 30 minutes, and over 12,000 steps for me. 11,000-ish for David because he's got longer legs!

It was lovely to see them. Neither of them are very well, but conversation was lively and it was great to see their younger son Craig, his wife Amy and their 7 year old twins who we've not met before.

Dinners have been lovely here at Cheryl and Denny's with contributions from both households. Always a good way to eat, I think. And it lessens the work for the hostess. Last night we had taco boats - yes, I know. Weird name but so much less messy than taco shells! And lots of salad vegetables and a tomato mix and C&D's yummy homegrown avocados.

Cheryl gave me this to drink last night - lovely, so I am going to look for it at the supermarket.

This morning I have already been to the pool with Cheryl for pool walking for an hour. And later we are walking down to town to have a late brunch with Tom. Before that I am going to make a vege lasagne for tonight's dinner. David is making brekkie again - first problem: where had I hidden the serrated knife.

A recipe from Cheryl's  Dish magazine that I need to try. I've taken a photo of it but not sure if I'll be able to read it properly - the magazine has olive green background with white print - difficult to read on the page, let alone in a photo ...

And this looks yummy too.

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