Thursday, 4 August 2022

Fingers crossed, so far, so good

So far, David and I have not had Covid. We have had all 4 vaccinations: the 2 original shots and the 2 boosters, all Pfizer.

We are still wearing KN95 masks on public transport (mandatory, although not enforced by the train guards or bus drivers) and when in shops or shopping areas. I wear my KN95 mask when I walk from the carpark to the work office and I don't take it off in the office unless I am drinking tea or eating lunch.

And a good thing too - I had two meetings on Wednesday in small enclosed meeting rooms with a man (maskless) who yesterday went in to isolation because his wife has tested positive.

I'm being extra careful because I am far and away the oldest in the project team (by at least 10 years) and am in the vulnerable age group, and because I really don't want David to get it - and I am more likely to bring it home to him than he is to me. He has had more than enough health stuff to deal with over the last 3 years. 

And much as I give him shit in this blog and in person, he is an absolute treasure and I love him dearly and I need to keep him healthy.

Here we are at the Opera House with our friend David R - waiting to watch the show The Girl From the North Country. All masked up. The 3 people who came and sat to David R's left were not masked, but most people were.

We are prepared to be wearing masks long term - I always used to wonder why Asian tourists in NZ were always masked. Now I happily wear one myself. 

And one benefit apart from the health one is that no one can see my wrinkles!


Jenny said...

Good on you, Marilyn, may you both stay healthy and happy. Like you we have managed to stay one step ahead of Covid, and have gone from not knowing anyone who has it, to knowing lots, a couple of them ending up in hospital.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Jenny,
We know a few people who've had it here in NZ, and lots in the UK. You may have read that Bernice and Roy Vannini have both had it while in the UK on holiday. It was reading Bernice's latest post about it that prompted my post this morning.
I really don't want to get Covid - I once, back in my early 30s got the real flu and was so sick that I understood why people died of it. If Covid is anything like that, I really want to avoid it - especially given I am 40 years older now!
You two stay safe and well too!
Cheers, and hugs, Mxx

Bernice said...

Hi Marilyn,
I too had the real influenza about 16+years ago and I can assure you that Covid was nothing like the flu, well, for us anyway. It really was just a head cold. Thinking about it now, the flu I got was around the time of SARS, it really knocked me for 6, it came on very suddenly and I could not get out of bed for days.
As I said in my blog post, thank goodness for vaccinations.

Jennie said...

Hi Marilyn, we too have managed to stay clear of covid and are fully vaccinated, but only 3 have been offered so far. We expect to have a fourth early autumn when we get our flu jabs. In the UK hardly anyone wears a mask anywhere, but we are still careful. I had flu way back in the 60's when I was at boarding school and despite the fact that we were all teenagers, it wiped over half of us out for a couple of weeks. Chris and I then had it over Christmas in 1974 - again we were very young, but were unable to get out of bed for several days - we took it in turns to go and make tea and/or soup! You continue to take care. Jennie xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Bernice, I'm glad you didn't have a serious bout of COVID - vaccinations rule, OK!
However even with vaccinations two people I work with have had it and one (who had it in late June) is only just off the steroids and antibiotics she needed afterwards, and is now cutting down her use of the inhaler she also needed. She's in her mid 40s. The other is still dealing with fatigue.
So I'd rather avoid it if at all possible.

Jennie, I am please you are still taking good care. You will recognise us when we are back - we'll be the ones with masks on ...