Sunday 17 July 2022

The CROW has gone on holiday!

 Today, Luke, Di and Lyall came and took the motorhome for a wee holiday - a short break of just over 24 hours. They had planned on a longer and more expensive touristy trip to Rotorua I think, but are now saving for their trip to Scotland over Christmas. So this sojourn is an overnighter and a bit of a treat for Lyall.

I think Lyall thought he may be in with a chance on driving it away ...

Happiness, I reckon!

Why isn't that child looking at the scenery?

Anyway, they are moored up at Himatangi Beach Holiday Park - a short walk from the Cossie Club, the takeaway place that does fish and chips and burgers, and the very well stocked Four Square.

Only one call asking for help - they couldn't light the gas element. Turns out they had turned the element knob just a bit too far and the gas doesn't come through unless the knob is positioned pointing between the flame symbols.

We will see them later tomorrow afternoon.

And in my last post I mentioned how difficult it is to cook a meal that is big enough for two people and no more. Well, here is a case in point: 

A 25cm pan with 2 small onions, 1 kumara, 1 potato (smaller than the kumara), 4 tomatoes in place of a can of them, 1 can of coconut milk, 1 cup of dried but soaked overnight chickpeas so probably 2 cups by volume. Honestly, there's enough for 4 or five people! Watch out Luke - you may be having a vegetarian curry for dinner tomorrow with not a skerrick of meat in sight, mate!

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