Saturday, 14 May 2022

Should I worry?

Yesterday we rode our bikes down to have lunch at our friend Rachel's place.

David had got the bikes ready while I was doing something else that was vital - well, I think it was vital but that is only my opinion, to be fair. I am fairly sure I was getting the sourdough starter ready for making bread - it has come out of the fridge, have some poured out and down the sink, and then the jar goes into the airing cupboard to warm up so I can feed it.

All ready to go, my bike bag on my carrier complete with rain jacket because rain was due in the next few hours, David had his jacket rolled up on his carrier. Just about to switch on and David said he'd have a last pee - always a good idea for a man without a prostate. 

So pee done, and off we went down to Waikanae Beach - a good ride but not as peaceful or traffic-free as it is at 8 or 8.30 on a Saturday or Sunday. 

Lovely lunch with Rachel, Bruce, Gary and David R, all of whom live next door to Rachel and through whom we met her some years ago.

The rain had started but was intermittent so we got back into our biking stuff - I put back on my merino extra-long sleeved top with the hole for my thumb (a good substitute for fingerless gloves), my scarf, and my rain jacket, David put on his rain jacket and off we went. A much quieter trip back traffic-wise, as we used a shared cycle/pedestrian path beside the road and detoured using Park Road which has a VERY wide cycle path (plenty of room for a car to be parked and cycles to get past without going in the car lane). 

We arrive home, David starts looking for the key. Not in his pockets, and I know he didn't give it to me to put in my bag. Aha, I see it ...

Should I be worried?

Julia was at Debdale last week and saw this ...

Today I am on bread making - the starter was so vigorous when I fed it yesterday that I couldn't bear to put most of it back into the fridge to languish, so I made three lots of leaven/poolish.  This morning, I've got three large bowls of dough proving; so that'll be 3 small loaves, and 4 large ones.  They will get baked later this afternoon.

Vegetable soup is on the go, and dinner tonight is going to be a sort of lasagne made with left over pasta spirals, some mushroom gravy and a tomato mix with roast veg and silverbeet. Hopefully it'll taste okay ...


Jenny said...

Someone's getting forgetful, leaving the key in the door, guess there was no burglar waiting inside for you? Oh, your boat, bet that photo gave you withdrawal symtons. Any UK plans yet?

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Jenny, given there's been a spate of interference with cars around Waikanae recently, I was pleased that the house is down such a long drive that the key wasn't really visible.

I am feeling nostalgic for the boat and the canals, and seeing the photo made it even harder!

We are planning to go back next year, in late April, all going well. We are going to visit our daughter in Sydney soon, so that will be lovely as a we treat!

Cheers, M