Saturday, 24 April 2021

We interrupt this broadcast of the South Island Odessey

to show you this:

This beast, a native NZ cockroach dammit, had got inside the house. It crawled/fell on to the chair I was sitting on in the sunroom yesterday, and then crawled up to the neckline of my jersey and in down my neck, and down my shoulder and on to my clavicle. I felt it and yelled loudly (shrieked, more like it). I stripped off my jersey and shook it out but didn't see the beast escape. Off into the bedroom I went to find a different top. I thought I had better check it had left my body, so I took off my bra - OH  F*CK!! There is was, on the side of my breast having settled in the bra. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

I shook it off hurriedly and noted that it I had flung it down near the armchair. Out to the kitchen, barechested, to find the insect spray and I sprayed the living sh*t out of any insect in that corner of the bedroom.

Didn't see the beast though.

Tonight, as I was lowering the blinds, I noticed a shiny thing by the skirting board. I was extremely brave and picked it up with a tissue. Sure enough it was the beast - much bigger than it looked yesterday as I flung it away from me. At least 4cm, including feelers, with body length of at least 2cm - AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

It has now been unceremoniously flushed down the dunny. I hope that is a lesson to its extended family not to get familiar with me and my torso! Or my house ...


Lisa said...

OMG! Big yuk.
The worst thing about Australia when we visited our 18 yr old daughter on her gap year with two girlfriends, they invited us for supper in their rented house and as we ate, one girl calmly got up throughout the meal placing up turned glasses on them as the cockroaches came into view across the floor. I thought then I couldn't live with these and other creatures all trying to kill me.
God down your bra too.....
Lisa x

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Our daughter lives in Sydney, Lisa, and she tells me the ones we have here are small in comparison to the ones she sees.
I know that in the UK cockroaches are considered a sign of dirtiness in a house, but here the native ones are not - they seem to like being both inside and out. But they can stay away from my person - for my sake and for theirs!

Lisa said...

We had a visitor on a world trip, friend of our much travelled daughter and a short time after she left we developed Bed Bugs.... I nearly died with the horror of it and of course had the house fumigated.
After that for about a year all I found were dead invertebrates on the floors, I felt like a mass murderer but the bed bugs were no more.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Lisa, AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Of course, we have to remember that insects were here before we were and we will keep on invading their habitat - seems only fair that they invade ours. But they can stay away from me!

Lisa said...

I don't expect you've had experience but those bloody bed bugs bit HARD too so keep all sympathies for the whales....