Saturday 28 March 2020

Being in lockdown...

Some how I haven't been able to post recently - I think my hiding in plain sight kicked in, even though I've been FaceTiming people, having drinks and nibbles with friends and even playing cards. Mucho Funno and lots of laughs.

I have noticed that David and I get tetchy more easily at the moment; and then I realised that we are in a state that initiates the preserving life at all costs, and the fight or flight response (heightened alertness, all senses working overtime, extraneous details not required so shut up about them, just focus on what is critical right now). So Jacinda's Be Kind, Stay Calm, Stay Home message has a basis in recognition of what this kind of situation brings out in us naturally.
It also helps explain why we eat comfort food - to store fat in case of shortage rather than just because we like the mouth feel - and actually, that's why we like the mouth feel, so that we will eat it...

I am finding that it does help to think about why these responses occur and what they came from in our distant and not so distant past - finding the rationale builds my understanding, which in turn helps me not respond from emotion. Well, most of the time anyway! 🧐🤐🥶🤬 

I copied this from a comment I made in FB this morning and somehow it has picked up the emoji - bugger!

Anyway, please stay safe and be as happy as possible. Mxxoo


Barry and Pauline said...

Maybe there are more important things in life that we've missed in our rush to push on?

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

I think you are right, B&P!

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Pal,

The menagerie I live with now (five cats and the dog--not the three girls) are picking up on our unspoken anxiety and displaying anxiety behavior of their own--especially Cristobal the dog who is a therapy pet.

Keep blogging please so we who love you and David will know how you are faring.If nerves fray and you feel you must chew on David, please just nibble 'round the edges!

I love you both gobs and bunches,
Jaq xxx