Saturday 16 November 2019

Well, that was a fail!

I may have mentioned in a recent post that I got some sour dough starter from Chris when we stayed with him and Willie in Waimarama over Labour Weekend.

A few days ago, I took it out of the freezer and the following day I consulted with Chris, while looking at his sourdough spreadsheets (explanation and much clarification required!), and then I got started.

The first step was to measure out 50g of the starter, feed it with flour and water, and put it away in the airing cupboard to do its thing for a few hours.

On returning from a movie (Ride Like a Girl - go and see it. It's about the first woman to ride in the Melbourne Cup) and dinner with Simon and Jane, I got on with the second step. The second step was to measure out two different amounts of starter - one for the next baking venture and one for the current one, and feed them both.

That done, the one for the current (i.e.first) sour dough adventure was put in the airing cupboard to ferment and bubble. (The other went into the fridge - and is still sitting there, because I am sulking...)

The poolish after a night in the airing cupboard. I thought it looked pretty good, but Chris thought it needed to be more bubbly, but said to go ahead anyway as it would probably be OK ...

In the morning, out came the spreadsheet again and more texting conversation with Chris. But measuring and mixing, much walking between the kitchen and airing cupboard (and then David's office as we were glued to the impeachment hearing) as I did four sessions of folding and turning. Each time the dough looked more like it was meant to.

I was feeling hopeful, but not hugely confident.

After some shaping and pulling across the lightly floured bench, into the cane bannetons it was placed, then each was covered with a plastic bag and put into the airing cupboard to prove.

Well, it didn't.

It came out of the airing cupboard the same size as it went in, ˆ*#k it.

I baked it anyway as Chris texted that it would probably rise a bit while baking. No it didn't, ˆ*#k it.
That is a tall bottle of Balsamic beside it so clearly the bread is about 4cm high ...

David said it tasted great, and he made some toast with it this morning. I found it indigestible. So I am putting the remainder up for sale on TradeMe as doorstops. Any takers?

I will have another go, but at the moment, I count as retired, hurt ...

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