Sunday 28 January 2018

Too hot, then far too hot ...

I think it's nearly a month since I posted on my blog. I have often thought about doing so, and have composed posts in my head, but frankly I have been so HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE since early January that I have not been able to get myself into gear to put fingers to keyboard to start.

I am only able to do so now because I have finally resorted to wearing a wet long-sleeved shirt that feels deliciously cool against my skin.

Now those of you who live in hot climes are probably well used to temperatures in the high 20s. I however am metabolically unable to cope with the heat. I can last outside for about 10 minutes before my most murderous impulses start coming to the fore. Seriously, if David is found at the bottom of a set of steps with footprints in his back - get me arrested at once, cos it will have been me.

Fortunately, I am not quite at that point but I am very short tempered in the heat. So I have been lying down lots, with all windows and doors open trying to organise a breeze ... But it's not happening.

I think we are into week 4 of hot hot hot weather and I am over it big time. And if the UK summer is like this in the coming boating season, I will be changing flights and coming home to winter - no question.

I now realise why we never do stopovers on our flights to and from the northern hemisphere - every available stop off point** is near the equator and that is a part of the world that is, by definition, too warm.

** We don't do stopovers in the US - too hot politically and too stressful even just in transit.

OK, rant over for the moment - it's too hot to continue. Time for a lie down in my wet shirt.


Kirsty said...

Buy an air con unit. And shut the windows and curtains to keep the cool in during the day.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi darling,
I shouldn't be complaining about the heat here in Waikanae, knowing how hot it is for you in Sydney at the moment!
This morning I have already pulled down all the blinds in the lounge/dining room as well as the sunroom. The blind in the kitchen is down permanently at the moment.
We will look at aircon units and see if it is economic - as poor pensioners we now have to watch expenditure - a shirt wet with cold water regularly throughout the day is cheaper ...
Mum xxii 40mpd
PS Did I say I am blaming Trump for this weather? Cos I am ...

Jenny said...

Yes, it's been unbelievably hot, hasn't it. Very hard to cope with these temps in the 30s, we are just not used to it. It's just as hot down here in the South Island, where we are holidaying. Keep drinking plenty of water, and don't even think of pushing David down the stairs! Come to think of it - don't you live in a single storey home?

Catherine H said...

We have just spent a year and a half travelling and living on our boat for a year and a half in South East Asia. By far the worst thing was the heat and humidity. We were saved by being able to run our air con in our cabin at night for a good sleep. Now back in Australia, we are moving to Tasmania, and looking forward to cool summers and being able to spend time outdoors in the fresh air all year round.

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Pal,

Many years ago in the States I rented a mobile home that had something called a swamp cooler on the roof. It was attached by a hose to an outside water tap. IN really hot weather I switched it one and a lovely, cool, gentle and humid breeze filled the air inside. I much prefer it to the insanely dry and frigid air of an air con but they are best in dry, hot climates. What is your humidity like? Over here they are called evaporative coolers. I am empathizing with you Marilyn. The heat makes me feel miserable and I am miserable to live with too.

Love and hugs,

Jaq xxx