Sunday 22 October 2017

The lag of the jet is letting go

It is now 7 days since we were on our way home over Europe (or somewhere), six hours into our flight to Singapore. It will be 6 days ago at midnight tonight that we landed in Auckland and it's 5 days since we got home. I only know these stats because I look at the top right of my laptop screen and I can see the day and the date. Otherwise, I would struggle to respond correctly if administered the confusion test ... 'What day is it today, Marilyn?' 'What day was it when you arrived back in Waikanae?' Ah, no idea on either account over the last few days.

But now I am feeling almost back to my normal nutty self. I think a full day in bed yesterday helped a lot: there was only reading, watching movies on Netflix, getting out of bed just for food and drink preparation and elimination.

I did make avocado on toast for brekkie, preceded by a very early morning cup of tea; for lunch I made cheese tart from pastry and the cheese mixture I had left over from dinner with Joy and Grahame (what night was that?) served with sliced tomato and ciabatta (bought, Julia, not home made), and David made a salad accompanied by tuna and mayo in a pita pocket for dinner.

And even David didn't get out of his pyjamas all day, so it wasn't just me, honest!

Today I am planning on being a fully functioning adult again - there are some final things to put away, the raised vegetable garden needs to be topped up with compost, seedlings planted and the mint brought under control. If my energy holds out, I'll pull a few of the larger weeds from the flower gardens beside the dining room and at the back. And I'll clean the glass top for the outside table so we can put it back on.

Because I am sure there is more to be done, I feel a list coming on! But first I think there's a movie I need to watch on Netflix...


The daughter said...

Not getting out of your PJs all day makes you a Pyjampion!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Love you 40mpd, darling daughter. Mum xxii