Wednesday 18 January 2017

The wardrobe doors are off!

Today, Sam the painter came and got the wardrobe doors to take away and spray paint for us (well, for me really, as David wouldn't be involved at all in any painting). Yay!!

Luke has been here all week so far removing and replacing the Batts (fibreglass insulation) from in the ceiling. I will spare you the information about why that was necessary. If you want to know, leave a comment and I'll tell you ...

So when Sam arrived Luke took the doors off, took off all the door furniture, numbered each door, so they'll go back together correctly and therefore matching and fitting together, and Sam departed.

He's bringing them back on Monday, so I'll have to bribe Luke to come in that day and put them up again. I am sure he won't mind, given how well I have fed him this week:
  • Monday - can't remember what I gave him for morning tea or lunch
  • Tuesday - cheese scones (am tea), left over teriyaki chicken and veg on rice (lunch)
  • Wednesday - toasted cheese scones (am tea), omelette (lunch)
  • Thursday - cheese on toast with red pepper chutney (am tea), sausages and veges in curry sauce (lunch)
  • tomorrow - not sure what I'll make but probably cheese scones as they are his favourite (although I do have some savouries in the freezer), and maybe we'll have fish and chips for lunch - bought, not homemade though.
Luke's tomorrow tasks are twofold: replacing part of the gib board in our bedroom ceiling, and then in the afternoon using his new chainsaw and other arborist tools to take some high and unstable branches off a couple of trees in our front yard. He LOVES his chainsaw, and I am not letting him and Rob loose on the trees without my being present to restrict the carnage! Rob is a moderator, but he won't be holding the chainsaw! David is no help as he likes trees he can see over ...

I sense there won't be much of my own work done tomorrow, as I'll be too busy on arborist monitoring duties!


Carol said...

Ok, why?

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Thanks for asking, Carol, I'll be brave and do a post. But be warned - it's a bit gross.