Monday 8 August 2016

Winter is here

OK, it has been a while coming but it is official - New Zealand is now having a winter.

Today when I left home at 8am it was 2 degrees C and clear. On the train trip into Wellington the rain/sleet started and it was cold in Wellington and still wet at the airport. On my way south, it was cloudy and starting to rain in Christchurch, but beautifully sunny and clear in Hokitika - I kid you not, Tom on nb Waiouru. Check out the photos for the evidence.

Most of the photos are of the Alps as we flew over to Hokitika, some of the remainder are of the Alps from just along the road (both directions) from the motel.

I am now in the motel unit, heaters are on, electric blanket is turned on warming up to keep me toasty in what is meant to turn into a -2 degrees morning. Good thing I brought and am wearing thermals ...

It's very cold in them thar mountains

And they are very high and spiky

And they go for miles and miles...

and miles ...

A lot of snow down there.

Hokitika's Clocktower with the railway crossing that has no barrier arms and no warning lights ... The trains do cross at about 5kmh with extremely LOUD horns. Very entertaining as tourists don't know what to expect!

Up the street in the opposite direction to the clocktower. Don't those mountains look wonderful in the approaching dusk?
I tell you, the West Coast is pretty amazing, and while it does get a fair rainfall, its good days are stunning and there are lots of them. I love coming down here, and I feel really lucky to be working in Hokitika.

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