Sunday, 13 July 2014

Those locks for the second time and a visit from B&B friends - this post should be before the one it's after ...

Beautifully rural
Olek is using up energy, running alongside the boat, being a mobile tree

A static tree

He's a winner
Jon helping with closing the gates

Lunch with Jon and Sybil at the bottom of the locks - chicken soup, home made bread followed by fruit salad and cream

Best buddies and both gorgeous

Well, Kirsty and Tim, at least Olek likes Mel!


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marilyn
I am really surprised about your engine being unable to drive the 150A alternator. I can only assume it was the way the alternator was mounted on the engine. Of course I'm sure you know that with the 60A alternator you now have less than half electrical generating capacity which means you'll probably have to run the engine longer to fully recharge the batteries. Do you have an amp meter to check how much electricity is being generated and consumed?



Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Tom, Yep, I think you're right re the way the alternator was mounted - I will post a pic of the framing that supported it - massive amounts of steelwork. We are finding we are running the engine about the same amount of time with the 60amp alternator as we had to charge the batteries after boating with the 150amp one! We have a Smart-gauge which is giving all the required info - all good so far, I gather. Cheers, M

Marilyn McDonald said...

Tom, I forgot to say that the engine sounds much better - quieter, smoother, no vibrations and no shuddering in neutral or tickover now we have the 60amp alternator fitted on the standard mounting. And we can go in a lovely slow tickover at low revs which was certainly not possible before.