Thursday, 17 July 2014

Six Kiwis go mad on the Peak Forest

The team are on board, we are moored precariously just on the outskirts of Marple – the visitor moorings before the junction are few and were full when we arrived at about 3pm yesterday. After the junction the canal sides are collapsing – a fisherman told David it is the effect of American crayfish burrowing into the banks. So we are using the plank for the first time and 3 pins to hold us still. It has worked well, to my surprise!
We fitted all six of us in rather well last night and now we’ve had brekkie (B&B fruit salad, home made bread toasted) and all gear is stowed tidily – either on our bed or under it.

I am writing this while the guests are clearing brekkie away. I am not sure what David is doing but I am sure it will involve getting the boat ready for the off. Today we are heading down to Buxworth Basin I think. Not many choices at this point of the journey, and I’ve never been there. David came this way with Dave and Jan some years ago, but I was working … Tomorrow we are going to do the Marple locks and head north.

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