Thursday, 3 July 2014

More photos from Wednesday 2 July

One of a number of beautiful houses on the way

See that bridge? We were aiming for that - the canal winds quite a lot on this stretch - saved building locks but probably didn't cut down journey times.

Above Aston Lock where we lunched on the towpath (table and chairs) and worked out journey times to have the best meeting point for Michelle and Taffy on Friday and Tim and Olek on Saturday

I am not sure but I think this statue commemorates a woman raped and murdered when travelling on a packet boat from Stone to London back in the 1800s. Two of the men were hanged and one was transported.

The impressive Joules brewery building in Stone

Rob the Lock - he helps boaters with locks as a volunteer (not a CRT one) I think between Stone and Heartbreak Hill. Travels up and down on his bike. He is quite well known and tells us he has been mentioned on Twitter. I've seen him mentioned in blogs and on the boating forums, I think.

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