Thursday, 24 July 2014

Back up the Marple Locks in the rain - 19/7

The view out the window first thing in the morning. A heavy thundersrtorm overnight and it rained steadily till we were at about Lock 14. I was freezing on the tiller, the others were hot, and I couldn't read a paper! How cruel is that?

We reversed in to the Maccie and moored up alongside a boat that had been moored in the 48 hr moorings when we came past 4 days before. We went to lunch at the Navigation Inn on Stockport Rd near Lock 13, then back to the boat and across for water. Then back through the bridge, turned south again.

Barry and Pauline walked back to Marple for a few groceries (I forgot when we were heading for lunch ...). On their way back it started to rain again, but they took the time to get lovely shots of the heron flying in front of them.

The heron rises to flight again. Our mooring in the background. The huge amounts of dog poo cannot be seen though. There's a dog owner living beside the lock with 4 pooches that are allowed out the gate on to the towpath unaccompanied and without plastic bags  (with no opposable thumbs, I guess they'd have trouble loading them)...

Isn't that beautiful?

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