Thursday, 24 July 2014

Off to points south

Last night I went to a BBQ here on the marina. Lovely people and lots of laughs.
This morning I am getting the train down to Chatham in Kent to stay with Lesley for a while - if it isn't too hot, we'll do some preparation and painting inside. The journey is scheduled to take just over 3 hours - shorter than it took me to go from Marple to Macclesfield the other day!
I am preparing myself for the noise and bustle of London as I transit through there. It is so quiet on the canal, even when the train lines are close the noise isn't constant, and we always try to moor up away from the A roads.
I've got to pack, clear stuff out of the fridge that won't last till I get back here with David on Aug 7, do the dishes from last night, clean the boat, water the plants again, and walk down to the station in time to get my tickets from the machine. So no loitering in bed today!
When I went out to feed the ducks with the last of the bread, I saw this heron sitting calmly on the end of the pier.

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