Monday, 21 July 2014

At Bugsworth Basin

I'm not going to drink alone, honest, but I'm just well organised and quick ...

Even my ears are wrinkly! And I can see both my mum and dad in my face now.
The happy band - this is before Pete and Barry accepted the challenge to produce another seat, so Barry was perched on the bar stool.
Bugsworth Basin is very lovely and has a sense of being peaceful even though there is quite a noisy A road nearby. It was such a lovely day we had lunch and dinner outside and we walked to Whaley Bridge in the afternoon. I went back before the others and cooked a pork roast and veges - it was yummy and could only be eaten in the slightly cooler evening. Not sure why I thought a roast would be good when all of the team were there - didn't plan on extremely hot weather, I guess. But not disappointed at all.
As we only have 5 normal sized seats (ie ones I can reach the ground on) I gave Pete the challenge to construct another one so there was one each. He had to do it with materials available - anything he could scrounge or find. He and Barry collaborated (good teamwork) and came up with the stunningly simple plan of slotting the plank through two of the chairs to create a bench - we could have accommodated a couple more people then, but no one wanted to share dinner ...
A lovely night in a beautiful place. The next morning it was pretty windy when we were planning to leave and I had to turn the boat and get water - not necessarily in that order, but that's how it turned out. I tried turning but after starting to get water another boat came up and explained that it was easier to wind (turn) further into the basin, so that is what I did while Barry was showering and Pete was off for a walk. Success!

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