Friday, 18 July 2014

Shallows and amazons

A brief post tonight – a lovely two days with Melanie and Pete (Whitby, Wellington, NZ) and Barry and Pauline (London, but from Tauranga, NZ). Melanie and Pete have gone down to visit family in Melton Mowbray, Barry and Pauline are still with us until Sunday.
We went from Marple (cr*p moorings) down to Bugsworth Basin (just lovely) yesterday, and today we’ve come back up to Marple where we sent Melanie and Pete off to the station and points west then south. Then down the Marple Locks which are dramatic with amazing views off to the west as we descended.
Now moored up at the bottom of the locks – peaceful, beautiful, quiet in spite of the train tracks above us in the trees.
We had dinner on the towpath (chilli, rice, sour cream) and then we have been off walking further up. The aqueduct is amazing in itself, but the viaduct beside it for the railway is stunning.
OK, time for sleep for me! Photos and more commentary tomorrow.
PS Shallows in title refers to the lack of depth down to Bugsworth, amazons refers to the strength required to work the locks - I was hard at work reading the Metro while waiting in and before the locks ... It is a very tough life I lead!

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