Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Worcester to Tibberton

We put the grandsons to work on the locks between Worcester and Tibberton. They do have to earn their keep after all, and the grandfater, while still very fit and lock-ready, certainly appreciates the help.

If Olek isn't bored by boating yet, then next year, I am planning to have him take over the steering too, and I will organise myself a daybed on top of the boat so I can lounge about and just get up to make meals. (Thinks to self, perhaps a cook could be brought onboard too ...)

Karol isn't yet up to using the windlass - not because of lack of strength, but his height isn't sufficient yet. He is very good though on opening and closing the gates - really gets his back into it!

No raincoats came with the boys, so one had to be fashioned for Karol from a vacuum-packing bag plus duct tape ...
and my kathmandhu coat was lent to Olek - it almost fits where it touches!

There is strength and efficiency showing in this photo

Grandad is watching to make sure Karol can do this unaided.

And Olek works so hard and fast at locking that I hardly have time to photograph him!

Working both spindles for efficiency. Olek is in training as a grinder for Team NZ, Karol is practising his coaching ...

Altogether now ...

Two boys together

Efficiency increased by biking between locks. A great team!
Picnic lunch on arrival at Tibberton. Olek continues to practise being a teenager. He'll have that facial expression sorted by the time his birthday rolls round in 7 months, I expect ...

Tibberton was a success - plenty of space to sit out, and an exploratory voyage undertaken by Karol and me discovered two parks in the very pleasant village. One park was lovely but not much good for kicking a ball as it was long and narrow and surrounded by thick trees. The other was behind the pub Speed the Plough. The grass was quite long and stopped the ball a bit too effectively, but that probably saved David's legs ...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, you have trained all the boys well!
Ann and Keith xx