Friday, 21 July 2017

The call of comfort food.

Yesterday was determined as a fasting day - it's not a 'no eating' day, but it is a limited calorie (600) day with only two meals - we skip lunch and we don't have any nibbly things at any time. The purpose is to keep our weight down, our hearts healthy, blood pressure in the normal range, plus make sure the glucose levels are in the safe range. High blood pressure and type 2 diabetes we don't want!

So a yummy brekkie of fruit salad (strawberries, a few grapes and half an orange) with 2 rounded dessertspoons of greek yoghurt (home made using the EsiYo yoghurt maker) plus a third of a cup of my homemade meusli (toasted seeds, almonds, coconut, a few sultanas and a few cornflakes), a couple of cups of tea, and away we went in the showery rain. I was very rugged up as I find the cold gets in when I get wet and am standing still, so I was sporting camisole, long sleeved T-shirt, cardigan, rain jacket, silk scarf for the draughts down the back of the neck - I am truly my mother's daughter in that respect now.

Of course, as we cruised along the weather improved and our mission to fill up with water at Milford Bridge was nicely on track. Until, FUBAR, the water tap is no longer there. It was shown in the 2012 Nicholson's Guide, but not on Memory Map - and which one had I consulted, I ask? Three guesses and the first two don't count.

So after a mild groaning, on we went although I had wanted to moor up after getting water and have another blobby day - I am getting used to them and they seem like SUCH a good idea, as practice for being retired.

The next water point was marked on Nicholson's and Memory Map at the boatyard by the lock at Bridge 90, next to Midland Chandlers where we had things to buy and a new freezer to pay for (yes, we have one ordered ... I am not sure there was an effective business case presented, but I am weak! An aside: I notice that my desire to buy a new mattress is being rebuffed - how come things with electric and technology are OK but things with memory foam are not?)

However before that we had advice from a moored boater that there was water available at a Boat Club - it did have a service point, but we couldn't see a water tap. Anyway, I could not, in the wind, get the boat over to the bank - there was a boat was approaching me and I lost my confidence to just take it slowly and get myself over there. So on we went. But I told myself not to worry - there'd be water at the boatyard about an hour further on.

On we go and up through the lock, and all is well. Until David came to tell me there was no water - he had checked at Midland Chandlers and was told that the boatyard has closed up. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

There were still boats moored there (private moorings) and water and electric were at each mooring point, but there was no one around to ask and I had lost my confidence about asking for help without bursting into tears through stress.

By this stage I am beside myself with stress and worry and tantrums (mostly internal - I metaphorically lay down on the back of the boat and drummed my heels. Well I wanted to, but somehow it's unseemly in a 66 year old woman.)

 The next waterpoint (if it existed and I was doubting that) was deemed to be in Penkridge. And I did NOT want to moor in a town. So David fed me 6 almonds (allowable snack on a fasting day in times of stress) and we carried on. Shortly afterwards, he declared
  • he was certain we had enough water to last till this morning, 
  • I was tired, stressed, needed to stop
  • so we were going to moor up in the sun and just take the rest of the day off.
The fact that we moored pretty much right next to the M6 didn't matter - it is not a mooring I would ordinarily choose, but the wind was blowing from us to the M6 so it wasn't too terribly noisy (quieter than the M40 next to the Stratford Canal), and once inside the boat I couldn't hear it much.

The thing I realised this morning, hence the title of the post, was that at each point when I got stressed yesterday, I wanted to eat. Didn't need it really, just wanted food. I have always known I eat in times of stress or tiredness, but I think yesterday showed me just how much food has been my 'go to' comfort.

For dinner, by the way, I made a Thai Beef Salad - lots of leaves and herbs from the RTA (roof top allotment), with a thai dressing, (fish sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, grated ginger, chopped chilli) half of which was used to marinate the steak. It was very yummy and very low calorie! So today I am skinny ...

By the way, we had intended to cruise to Gailey today, but when we stopped to get water, I looked at a noticeboard which extolled the delights of Penkridge. So we have pulled across to moor at the defunct waterpoint (fear not, there was one at the service point) - we are getting some strange looks as people clearly think that it is now part of the lock mooring - but no - that is well behind us.

So here we are, waiting for the washing machine to finish, and then we are off out to explore and find an Indian restaurant and the local bakery which has been given double thumbs up by our friend Julia and a boater we crossed over with at the service point.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

I just took delivery of the most amazing mattress. It even exceeds my $1800.00 Sealy Posturpedic I swore by back in the States. . Superb customer service with excellent and very quick delivery. I chose the mattress with LayGel which is far superior to Memory Foam. These folks are familiar with narrowboats and do custom sizes made to order. Go for it Marilyn. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and once David sleeps on the new mattress he won't expect to forgive you; it will be t'other way around as he will know the mattress should have been purchased sooner.

Jaq xxx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Jaq, I will check them out. We bought two duvalay topper pads for the dinette and have them on our bed at the moment. They are so comfy! I don't want to give them up when we have visitors using the dinette!
As a project manager, my mantra has always been forgiveness is easier to seek than permission, so when I decide it'll happen, it will - fear not!
Raining here, but very happy to be on board.