Friday, 21 July 2017

Penkridge is lovely!

Yesterday I didn't want to moor in a town, but here we are in Penkridge now, and it is beaut.

We have been for a walk around, and found double sided tape in one of those neat English hardware shops - sort of like Arkwright's but for hardware not groceries. We need double sided tape for sticking window catches back on. For some reason a few of them have decided to let go of their windows. That is fine if one end is still hanging on, but when both ends have freefallen, the window cannot be closed - and there is more rain coming.

We also found Jaspers bakery as recommended by a boater. Well, what a find! Queue was out the door, but service was very quick. I got 2 ham and salad cobs (I assume these are the round rolls, not long ones?). The cobs were crusty and just fabulous! I also bought 2 apple turnovers and a loaf of crusty bread. Total cost £5.90. Bargain!!

We then asked for help to find the Indian restaurant and were directed to Flames on Bellbottom Row or somesuch street name. We have made a booking for tonight, and yes, you can take your own wine! I do like a BYO restaurant!


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Do go to the Penkridge market tomorrow. You will not be disappointed! They sell amazing things thete including live poultry. Wish I were there, but I am finally able to cruise at last, so I hope to make it to Tixall by mid August.

Jaq xxx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Jaq, Tixall Wide is just lovely. Arrive early in the day to find a spot and then just stay, stay, stay!
It is persisting down here this evening, but if it clears I will head to the market in the morning. If I pass jaspers and it's open I will probably have to call in again!

Anonymous said...

I found it difficult to pass Jaspers and was drawn in most days to discover tasty things others don't sell!
We caught the bus from there to Stafford for the day for a grand day out.
Ann and Keith

Jennie said...

I too love Penkridge, Marilyn and Jaq is right about the market - they sell all sorts and at really good prices. Last time we picked up a stash of paint rollers that are so cheap you can do the touching up and chuck the roller! There is also a rather charming gift shop (I think it is called Tia) that cannot resist - they sell some very different costume jewellery at very reasonable prices. I suspect you are long gone now, but something to note for next time! Jennie

Marilyn McDonald said...

Next time, Jennie - next time for sure! We have ti return to Jaspers anyway, don't we?

Jennie said...

Indeed you do Marilyn!!