Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A day of contrasts

Relaxed and restful for us (as the breakaway party) with a bit of useful activity:
  • blog post 
  • oil change
  • walk to and from Great Haywood.
We had lunch at the Clifford Arms - not a very good experience, but pleasant  patrons. The food was decidedly very average and the wine was decidedly below - no chardonnay, and wine by the glass from a barrel. GGGRRR!!! Probably a good place if you want beer though as it has won a CAMRA award this year - for something but I couldn't tell you what. I only know that because there was a large sign outside saying so, but was I interested? Nah.

We are now back on board, kettle is coming to the boil for a cup of tea, and the chardonnay is chilling in the fridge. David is changing his clothes and about to do his third useful thing of the day (first and second were pumping out the oil, and loosening the oil filter for me). He is going to clean the swim and the engine bay. I expect he will be finished about bed time. So once again, I will be serving my own wine ...

However the remainder of the convoy, made up of those stalwart individuals who did not peel off for the dodgy purposes of a BSSC** inspection, has had a sh*t of a day today. They have been attacked, prop and rudder, by blanket weed. It is dastardly stuff - gets on the prop so easily and comes off only with great hard work. We experienced it on the GU back in 2015 when Barry had to pull us for a fair distance while I heaved stuff off the prop. See

I reported earlier today that they were probably heading for Wiggin Hill, and that one team member was plumping for Perry Barr. We have just had a brief conversation with John who tells us they are giving up shortly before Perry Barr as the day has been diabolical.

** David has informed me that he misinformed me - BSSC actually stands for Boat Safety Scheme Certificate.

OK, tea is made, I am going to post this and then I am retiring to the cratch whence David's calls for assistance can be safely ignored!

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