Thursday, 22 October 2015

The end of season report - not ...

Well, here is what I was going to write about in the end of season report:
  • people we met, 
  • people we reconnected with
  • guests who visited/stayed on board
  • canals and rivers we cruised
  • performance of the boat, inc solar panels, stop solenoid, engine
  • our improved competence
  • state of the marital relationship after 5 months of being together 24/7 (I know: TMI)
  • pleasure in boating
  • how the summer weather ranked against last year's
  • how the autumn ranked
  • the countryside we travelled through
 But I decided not to write a report and just to tell you that we loved the five months, on the boat and together, and we were chuffed to meet lots of new people and to have old friends and family onboard. We enjoyed every waterway we cruised, some more than others, and didn't rule out revisiting any of them, although some are higher on that list than others.

I had planned way back at the beginning of this year's boating to record every expense so we could track our costs. Ah no - the first couple of weeks' collection of receipts looked too scary to tot up, so that plan was abandoned as being stress inducing. So I cannot even give a financial report.  How sad, too bad, never mind.

Today we have been home a week, jetlag is still a feature and neither of us are sleeping through the night yet; however it is lovely being back in our home and we keep thinking how lucky we are to be able to live this life.

Tickets to travel to the UK next May have already been purchased.

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