Friday, 23 October 2015

Cafe Rata

We are home in our lovely house again, the weather has been pants most of the week, but who cares?

The garden is looking great, thank you, Rob - it's now being helped by the warm rain; and the house is cosy and warm.

But best of all, Cafe Rata has reopened. The first gathering of friends around here for dinner was Thursday, instead of Friday as Bruce and Gary are in Taumaranui for the long weekend. Seven of us were at the table - B&G, Peter and Warren, and Peter M.

So the kitchen is in full swing again. Steak and ale pie (next time I will make my own pastry instead of buying the ready rolled stuff), silverbeet (swiss chard to the English) in a cheese sauce courtesy of Peter, with mashed potatoes and peas, followed by chocolate pots with poached tamarillos and cream. Peter M brought along a lovely chocolate slice which went beautifully with coffee and, in my case, more dessert wine.

It is lovely to be back!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

What a lovely post Marilyn. Cafe Rata sounds delightful--like some place I would love to have visted. We are pleased for you both that you are back home safe and sound, tucked into the bosom of your NZ friends.
Love Jaq xxx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Jaq, Cafe Rata is lovely - the friends who come to eat with us make it so for sure. So when you win the lottery or the Go Fund Me is oversubscribed, put us on the itinerary - just a slight detour from the Pacific North West!