Sunday, 11 October 2015

Last weekend before packing up

The last weekend on the boat was spent in the company of Barry and Pauline who joined us at Norton Junction on Friday evening.

We spent the weekend getting to the moorings at Foxton Top Lock - fabulous weather, lots of fun and laughter. And a good rest for me from steering, and I got to do some locks. In the main, Barry steered and I also got to sit inside through two tunnels - yay!!

The following photos are courtesy of Barry - which accounts for their high quality!

Preparing Saturday lunch - coleslaw with prawns in seafood sauce (tuna for David)

Ready for the England Australia game. Making sure we could not be mistaken for THOSE antipodeans
The view from the mooring

Sunday brekkie

An arty shot with steam ...

The weather on Sunday morning was so warm that Barry and I were out sanding (B) and painting (M) in the sunshine

Wiping off residual dust before applying paint
Barry set up the camera on the stool after we'd done the painting so we could have some group shots

And the flag

Here we all are - both Barry and I changed from our painting clothes to look more respectable ...
And just the two of us

And again!

Pauline steering - no trees or banks were struck during this time ...

Pauline successfully negotiated the moored boat, the bridge and oncoming boat

Moored at the top lock on Sunday afternoon - Barry went for a walk while Pauline and I finished off making lunch - chicken curry with naan bread and raita and rice


Anonymous said...

What a fab way to spend your last w/e aboard.
Bon voyage and look forward to seeing you out cruising next year!
nb oakfield

Lisa said...

Dear Marilyn,
So we have put WaL to bed today... Right next to Waka Huia!!!! You should have said you were at Debdale too. Pity we missed each other I would have liked to have met you. Do you overwinter yourselves as well as the boat? Down under? We enjoyed an amazing 6 week holiday in NZ last winter. Can't wait to go again.
Maybe we'll meet in the spring?

Marilyn McDonald said...

K&A, it was lovely to see you both again at Norton. And we look forward to seeing you early as poss next season. It was a fab weekend - such lovely weather and beautiful scenery and time spent with really good friends.
Take care to keep warm over winter. Big hugs, M&Dxox

Marilyn McDonald said...

Bloody hell, Lisa,
We must have just missed you! We arrived back at the boat at about 3.30ish yesterday to drop off clean washing (a reversal of the usual kids bringing washing home to Mum and Dad's in that we took it all to our son's place in Scotland). We were gone again by 4.30 and headed to Titchmarsh to stay with friends. I took a photo of WaL and Waka Huia side by side looking like best buddies ... The boat will go up on the hard in the next couple of weeks and we will be back in late May - let's hope we can organise to get together sometime soon after that.
Cheers, Marilyn