Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On the way home

Well, we are all checked in at LHR Terminal 2, through Security and now just waiting - it's about 1.5 hours till boarding.

Once I have posted this I will go walking - it's about 26 hours of flying between now and 2.30pm on Friday (NZ time, ie 2.30am Friday UK time) and I need to keep the blood flowing as much as possible!

We had a lovely time with the grandsons in Scotland from Friday evening to Tuesday morning, and then drove back down to the boat to drop off the clean washing - it's a reversal of the usual thing of kids bringing their washing home to Mum in that we take it to our son and daughter in law's.

As I walked precariously down the jetty to the boat I noticed there was a boat moored beside Waka Huia, and to my delight it was What a Lark - I have been reading Lisa's blog for a fair while and had always hoped we would meet up - even if we haven't met David and Lisa, our boats are getting acquainted ...

We also had to call in at the boat to fit greenhouse heaters - we did one each. David took the MANUAL route and used a brad and a screwdriver. I used the POWER tool in its drill and its posi-drive modes. The advice we had from Steve at Debdale was that greenhouse heaters are economical and will provide enough heat to stop the boat freezing inside. Last year we had a fan heater on frost setting but it was 1500w and cost a bomb to run. We are hoping that 2 x 400w heaters will be much more economical.

Once washing had been vacuum packed, heaters installed, stern doors locked and tonneau cover reinstated, we got back on the road and headed to Titchmarsh to stay overnight with our friends Dave and Jan. We first met them back in 2002, I think it was, when we were hiring a boat on the K&A, and have been firm friends ever since. As we hadn't seen them at all this season (they were on the K&A again) we decided our last night needed to be spent with them. So a few bottles of wine, a lovely dinner and much laughter and swapping of boatie experiences ensued - it did take till breakfast this morning before we talked toilets tho!

A trip into Northampton this morning for Jan and me as I was on a mission to get some stuff for my lovely sister. Northampton is a lovely city and I am keen that we boat there early next season.

After lunch at the pub in Titchmarsh David and I headed for LHR. The trip was uneventful even though the traffic was pretty heavy. No delays for us on the M1 or the M25 - and that was a boon.

Dinner at The Flying Chariot (a Wetherspoons pub) in Terminal 2 with Barry and Pauline who came out to say goodbye. The food was pretty pants but seeing friends again was lovely. My opinion of Wetherspoons** was not improved by tonight's efforts. Although to be fair, a cup of boiling water was free and a water and lime was 40p. The beer was expensive though, so clearly it is swings and roundabouts.

** The Wetherspoons in Warwick that we went to with Mick and Julia bucks the trend - the food there was good.

OK, enough already - I am babbling and it's my nerves. Flying is not my favourite pastime ...

The end of season report is being prepared and will be posted when we are back in NZ. Just to let you know though that we have had a wonderful time over the last 5 months - the canals and rivers and countryside and boaters are lovely.


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Missing you both and Waka Huia already.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Well, Jaq, we have been home over a fortnight already and we feel so settled. Being able to move from one environment to another, and so seamlessly is just lovely - friends and family in both places most certainly assist in that!
Biggs hugs to you and Les, Mxox