Friday, 21 November 2014

The new house

Approaching the house down the tree-lined drive.

The north facing aspect - this will be the sunniest side. The dining room and the sunroom open on to the verandah, the kitchen has the 'conservatory' window, and our bedroom window is by the trellis.

The lounge and dining area from the entrance hall. This is a lovely space.

From the other direction. Plenty of room for my china cabinets and dresser ...

The sunroom. Room here for a china cabinet too!

The kitchen could do with a re-furb but is perfectly serviceable; the laundry is through the sliding door

The laundry with the pantry that should be an office ...
Our bedroom which has the wardrobe along the wall on the right. The trellis and its posts need to be replaced, and we'll put a fold down washing line on the other side of it. The back door which is the entrance to the laundry is adjacent to the trellis.

This will be David's office/studio seeing as he cannot be persuaded to the pantry or shed. It'll double as a guest room, so it'll either have a bed settee or a bed that folds up against the wall.

Newish bath and vanity. Window is double glazed as the bathroom is on the south side. All we need to do is replace the shower,  remove the mirror and fit a heated towel rail.

That tree stump will be removed and then we can set up the new table and chairs and the 3 metre cantilevered umbrella ... David wants the shed gone too, I am not so sure.
Every time we see the new house we like it more. Yesterday we took the opportunity to go and see it again with friends, Gary, Joe and Derek, while the agent was there with the man who was doing the gas inspection for us. This time we had a good poke around and I did try very hard to persuade David that we could open up the large pantry off the laundry, remove the wall between it and the hall cupboard, put in a skylight and make that his office/studio. However for some inexplicable reason, he’s not buying that scheme. Nor is he buying the one in which we tidy up the inside of the nice shed outside, get power in to it and make that his office/studio. I cannot understand the latter frankly, although I’m aware the pantry cupboard combination was a bit of a stretch … Imagine the cachet in having a studio in the garden?

We’ve had the building inspection report done yesterday and it was very favourable, however Rudi the gas man tells us we may need to replace the gas water heater at some stage in the next few years and we do need to lengthen the flue for the gas heater in the lounge.

Last thing is the electrician’s certificate – that inspection is scheduled for Monday.

No showstoppers at this stage. YAY!!!

All being well, the offer goes unconditional on Wednesday. And then it’ll be 14 sleeps till it’s ours!


Jo Jones said...

I'm all caught up Maz, boy I've missed out on so much news! Leaving your family home is very hard, but trust me after a few months in your new home, you will have many more lovely memories and stories to share. Can't wait to visit over the summer holidays, love to all, hugs xx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Yep, I think we're over Cherswud - still catch ourselves talking about 'at home' but force of habit will take a wee while to break. It'll be done when we move into the new home.
I'll be baking MoF cheese scones for your visit!

NB Holderness said...

I couldn't ever really imagine you in that retirement village setup. This looks much more you two. In fact it is much more Helen and I. I will have the office in the pantry, or the shed! We are extremely jealous of your veranda as we have always wanted one like on an Indian hill station bungalow. 14 sleeps is nothing and it will be all mixed up with Christmas too. I am almost as excited as you must be. Tony and Helen.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely place M. And once you and David put your personal stamps on it I am sure it will be positively welcoming. As I read your email about the garden my heart leaped. I love gardening and miss my lovely garden at Cloudhouse. It is such fun ot plan a new garden spot. Enjoy you too and try not to work to hard!!
Love JaqXX

Julia Stewart said...

I love that house. It has so much potential. I especially love the big window behind the kitchen sink. I have been wanting a similarly large window in my kitchen. I actually would not mind if most of the walls were actually windows in there. I feel like it makes we want to be in the kitchen much more then.

Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent

Rupert said...

What an awesome house. I always love reading about how excited people get when they move into their first home. This one looks really nice, what is the neighborhood like? I especially love the brick driveway. Definitely a keeper, I would say. Good luck to you and enjoy your new home.

Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes