Wednesday, 19 November 2014


So, we moved out of Cherswud on Friday after an extremely busy day of last minute packing and full on cleaning what was an already clean house made grubby by tramping in and out and removal of furniture and appliances that sneakily hid dust balls.

After a tearful good bye with Graeme and Marie McPhee, our neighbours for the last 34 years, David, Joe and I headed up here to Waikanae to stay with our dear friends Bruce and Gary at the beach house – they live during the week in Wellington and the beach house is for weekends … Joe came with us, because after 3 years of living together, none of us were ready to end that yet.
From near the gate
In our beautiful but empty conservatory - lots of great parties have been held in this room!

All that remains are the paint cans

and a few cobwebs which aren't visible in this photo fortunately.

David's first selfie - he looks concerned ...

Joe waiting for us to return from saying goodbye to Graeme and Marie - he'd already said his goodbyes to them

My lovely David

The last few days have been quite stressful for David and me – we’d forgotten that the research shows that moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. Having that pointed out to us helped as we stopped thinking we were doomed relationship-wise!

We have seen a number of houses since arriving up here and feel like we have endlessly flip-flopped on what to do/where to buy/what we liked/what we would bid for. Last night we agreed on a place we wanted to put in a bid for in the next couple of weeks (the dreaded deadline treaty – tender thingy) and then this morning we had a call from one of the agents saying he’d just seen a house that they listed last night, and did we want to see it. Yes, so I got out of bed (it was 10.15am so not a big ask … and David had been up since 6.30am), into the shower, get dressed and off to view. The driveway is flanked by lovely trees (including the biggest cabbage tree I've ever seen) and rhododendrons currently in flower, and the house is in need of some TLC but is a warm welcoming place, with a lovely entrance/lounge/dining and a spacious feel to it. My new outside table will fit around the back in the sunny area, as will the new cantilevered umbrella … Let’s face it, these minor purchases are important!

Deep and meaningful discussion followed to get to a decision, as there was already an offer being prepared from another buyer. A second walk around the place on our own, with more discussion re what would have David be comfortable to proceed (I am easily satisfied, me) and then off to the real estate office to talk size of the offer and conditions to get clear air between us and the other bidder. Then off to the District Council office in Paraparaumu to get the building file, a call to a building inspector to arrange a survey. A call while we were there to come back and sign offer papers, decide on the best offer, and home to Bruce and Gary’s to wait. We both got some work done in the interim – David on Weaving Memories stuff, me writing up some business planning work that I facilitated on Monday for an educational Good Idea with Melanie who joined us on the boat with husband Peter back in August.

While we were having dinner Paul the agent called and his first words were ‘Congratulations, it’s yours.’ He had told us that agents never indulge in introductory small talk in case you change your mind between putting in the offer and the vendor decision … 


So, as long as the building report is satisfactory, we have a house to move into – settlement date is 10 December, and we’ll probably move in on 14 December after getting the carpets shampooed. The first thing to be done on moving in is getting a new washing line fitted, followed by getting rid of the wandering willie (previously known as wandering jew) weed in the back yard under the trees – Rob has already committed to its eradication! When Joe gets back from tattooing in Australia in February-ish, he’ll come and help me with painting inside – room priority order to be determined. We need to get a new oven and rangehood at some stage and probably new cupboard doors in the kitchen to modernise it. There’s a back shed that can go free to a good home, and a back fence to be replaced but neither of those are urgent. I do need to plant a lemon tree, a couple of feijoas plus the rhubarb crown divided from the Cherswud garden, as well as herbs and lettuces in fairly short order.

It is very interesting that this place got the big tick from us, as everything else we’ve been attracted to has not needed any work at all. This one will, by dint of that required effort and personal input end up being ours in a far more comprehensive way than any of the others could have done. It’s exciting.

Photos later - it can be seen on google maps satellite view, but on street view you can only see the driveway and trees. Look if you like: 15 Rata St, Waikanae.


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