Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I still like it!!

On my way back from a meeting in town this morning, after which I collected Joe, we stopped in to look around the section and outside of our prospective new home.

And the good news is that I still like it!

Joe was impressed as we peered in windows and walked around the whole section. As we were coming back up the drive I saw someone next door checking on us, so we went over to introduce ourselves. We ended up having a chat with Jenny and John who will be our new neighbours (well, strictly speaking, we will be their new neighbours as they have been there for 40 years). They know George the vendor very well and are pleased it has sold so quickly. George has moved into a retirement village in Greytown near his daughter.

I have invited Jenny and John over for a glass of wine when we move in, so I think this could be just the right place for us to be ...

Fingers crossed that the building report doesn't throw up anything devastating!

Tomorrow we are meeting Paul the agent there and will show a couple of friends around inside. I will also check with John re the trees that George had planned to get removed or trimmed to let more light in to the house.

Our friends Luke and Diane (surrogate children to make it OK for us not having our own kids in NZ) are planning on coming with chainsaw a couple of days after Xmas. Luke's dad was an arborist, so Luke has some handed-on skills that he can put to good use. As well as that, he is a fabulously talented builder and joiner, so his advice re the kitchen will be required. And somehow I think he may be needed for fencing duties across the back of the section ...

Photos tomorrow, I promise!

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