Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The river at Dalry

Olek swimming, Marta trying in vain to stay reasonably dry
Yesterday when Marta got home from work we all went down to the river – about a 5 minute walk away. The boys were into the water, Olek swimming independently and Karol outfitted like a shark with a flotation fin on his back. Looks very cute. Tim arrived and jumped into the river from the bridge – very reminiscent of bridge jumping at Tongaporutu. To the Clachan Inn for dinner – very yummy.

Reminds me of that very old joke: what's yellow and dangerous?  Shark infested custard, of course!

Our son, Tim, jumping from the bridge - landed with a giant splash!

The shark increased in size using daddy power

Tonight they have all gone down to the river again. David and I have stayed back at the house. We are now quaffing a Magnus Pear Cider (D) and chardonnay (M). We are also doing important things like setting the table and watching the roast vege salad roasting - as I said, very important!

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