Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Grand grandsons

We’ve been in Scotland since Sunday afternoon, after a long drive up from Mercia Marina with rain and temperatures of 14 degrees at Scotch Corner – where of course we had stopped to use the loos and froze getting to them, esp as we were wearing shorts and T shirts. However the weather brightened and warmed as we headed into Scotland and we were sitting in the late afternoon sun in Tim and Marta’s backyard which has undergone a transformation since we first saw it back in January just before the kids took ownership – it has been terraced in the last week, a number of bedsteads and derelict wheelbarrows removed from the garden, the trampoline is now in situ, a culvert pipe has been installed at the bottom of the section to help with drainage of a swampy area, trees have been felled that were creating intense shade, and the garden is now awaiting retaining walls and topsoil, although the soil currently there is very rich and fertile.

Karol on his way to nursery - a lovely walk through the village
Monday morning we had our first experience delivering Karol to nursery. He recognises his own name from the set of name labels that he has to transfer to the attendance board, and puts his hat in his tray, and then says goodbye; and that’s us, out of there until it’s time to collect him at 11.45. 

In the afternoon it was off to Castle Douglas to have fish and chips for lunch (best fish and chips ever, even in NZ!) at the park, playing and then feeding the swans, which had to be attracted by feeding other birds which look like small seagulls with the same ability to catch food on the wing. Then the swans arrived and bullied the others out of the way.

How did David get to have a lie down?
How far can I throw it?


Yesterday morning I went off to Castle Douglas to do some shopping for the boat – looking for soundproof curtaining, actually, as well as a few bits and bobs. I found some lovely curtain material and some interlining used up here in Scotland to keep the cold out. I am going to see if it has noise reduction properties when a certain friend who snores for England (a new competition at the Commonwealth Games) comes to stay. Otherwise, I am going to look for a small boat with a poptop tent that can be tied behind the boat. Any ideas, anyone?

One thing I found which David wanted was egg poaching rings. I cannot understand why he needs them, as he has had coaching from me and from Joe (rock star chef at Cherswud B&B) in how to cook poached eggs and he does them well. Somehow though a piece of technology is always feels like an improvement for David …  


Lesley Bateman said...

Bloomin cheek, but true.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Ah, but we love you anyway, ODS.