Friday, 6 June 2014

Magical signwriting

Doesn’t this look great? Had to have a chardonnay to celebrate. Thank you to Peter Muller and team for doing such a sterling job and providing such clear instructions.
When the towpath changes sides, and the weather is warm and sunny again (not tomorrow - more rain due) we will do the other side.
The rest of the day has been spent doing cleaning - washed down one side of the boat, cleaned the cratch cover (lots of green algae growing on it after a wet winter!) and chased down several spiders who have taken up residence and are not paying rent!
David has been purchasing stuff online - an aerial, cable, a tool for clearing the prop shaft that means he can avoid getting deep down in the engine bay.
By the way, did I tell you we have travelled  14 miles from where we first collected the boat? Given we did about 3 of those miles 3 times, our total is 20 miles in 6 days. I think it can safely be said that we have slowed right down!
Sleep now, even tho it is still light.


NB Holderness said...

Good photo of the name at least! No, seriously it is nice to see who we are talking to and who we may bump into at some stage. Our rain only lasted a short time and it is a lovely evening now and we are off to enjoy Newark. Hopefully see you soon. Cheers, Tony and Helen.

Tom and Jan said...

Great to see another kiwi couple on the cut and we will enjoy reading about your adventures. You're now on our blog list!
Best wishes
Tom & Jan
nb Waiouru

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Marilyn and Dave,
Welcome to the cut and your dream at long last. We've added you to our list of boats and boaters and included your blog on our blog roll. We look forward to meeting you in person some day soon!
Jaq and LesX
NB Valerie

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hello, Tony and Helen, Tom and Jan, and Jaq and Les,
Lovely to have you all on board with us! I have been following all of your blogs for a few months now, and feel like I know you all already! I will get all of you on our blog roll.
We've just arrived in Alrewas and are going off for a walk. I am keen to see the Memorial Arboretum, among other things.
Cheers, Marilyn and David

MaKuini Menehira said...

Kia ora, enjoying reading your blogs, as yet I have to experience travels on a narrow boat. Makuini Cheshire based from Whanganui