Sunday, 1 June 2014

On a rollercoaster without even moving!

Well, it's the 6th day of our being on the boat, and without setting sail, it has been a rollercoaster ride.
And, in true project management fashion, as it is Day 6 it is time for a weekly report.

Progress against milestones:
Handover from previous owner (hereinafter referred to as PO): Completed on time on Tuesday 27 May. Status of handover - hard to tell as we were both jetlagged and on information overload within about 20 minutes. Since then we think we have reconstructed most things we were told by firstly using the manual (excellent, but assumes some prescience about which switches are being referred to) to refresh the memory circuits, and secondly phoning or texting the PO. Have not resorted to second method since about Day 3, so things are improving. Status: Amber/Green
Provisioning the boat: This milestone is in progress. There is a fine balance to be achieved among having enough equipment to function effectively and safely, having enough space to store said equipment, and maintaining some cash reserves. See Financial Update next post. Status: Green
Sunny day: This has been achieved, finally, today. Milestone delayed for 5 days - unsatisfactory performance. Status: Grey but now sunny yellow
Starting Blog: Delayed through my technophobia, David's risk averse approach, and my tantrum about it not working INSTANTLY. Finally sorted this morning, when we changed blog hosts - very simple so far. Status: Red to Incandescent to Green - but watching: depends if this uploads smoothly
Mel in situ: Happily released from the induced coma of the vacuum bag and sitting on the sofa. Waiting to go on the roof in the life ring when we start to cruise.
State of the marital relationship: Neither of us have thrown ALL of our toys out of the boat yet, and there has been severe provocation with the complexities, unknowns and jetlag. As usually happens, we are not often both down at the same time, and when we have been we have taken magnesium and blobbed for a bit. David went and found hot water bottles at Tescos so I could have a nana nap with a hottie against my back - brownie points. He has been a bit of a piglet with the Jammy Dodgers, though, and blamed Mel. It did make me laugh, and the JDs are full of gluten so I am not feeling deprived - no loss of brownie points but if he hogs the chardonnay - watch out!  Status: Green and rosy
State of chardonnay: Have found 3 that we like at a reasonable price - 2 Australian (forgive me!) and 1 Chilean that is yummy, beautifully oaky and rich: Casillero del Diablo (Cellar of the devil - sorry, Dee) Status: Through chardonnay-tinted glasses: Green
Commencing cruising: Starting today, on schedule. Our friends, Dave and Jan, who we met on the Kennet & Avon about 12 years ago, are coming to join us and will help improve our confidence about the rivers.  I have made a cheese tart for lunch, bread is rising in the sun ready to be cooked. Roast chicken for dinner. David will fill the water tank after brekkie. Status: Green and we are ready!

Report will be completed later - it's now time to make the breakfast.


Peter BullĂ´t said...

Our status is also green - green with envy that is. Well away from the chilly weather here. Never mind we have only 29 more days to our summer, but who is counting.
P & W

NB Holderness said...

Hi Both, It sounds like things are going ahead, and that is all you can hope for. I'm sure everything will feel loads better when you get out and about using the boat as it should. We will be leaving Torksey this weekend so should be down Nottingham way several days afterwards. Have fun, Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.

growingpeanuts said...

Enough of the PM lights already you're on the boat and on the way - hoozah. New venture in the pastoral heart of England. Can't wait to see you guys - Enzo wagging his tail too. xx

Judy Tulloch said...

We too would have had a green light except that we have had glorious Naki weather and a great weekend which we must all save up to do next year. We'd be good tour guides. Went on the rail carts to Whangamomona where we stayed for jim's bday night. Fog and zero degrees in Taumarunui which was appropriate. But glorious an hour later. Hope you really enjoy the boating and look forward to the next blog! big hugs, J&J

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments. Good to know you are reading! Have now done 2nd post, delayed because no 3 wifi in the marina.
Happy belated birthday, Jim! Mx