Wednesday, 13 November 2019

This is the Eye Site, so eyes right - I mean left!

One of the reasons we had to be back in Waikanae this week was that David had a pre-op assessment appointment at the hospital with the ophthalmologist and the anaesthetist yesterday. He is due to have his left eye sorted now - cataract removal and vitrectomy, the latter to resolve the issue of the acute malignant glaucoma that reared its head back in April, and was temporarily resolved by an emergency vitrectomy (I think that's what it was) after two laser treatments failed to open the ducts between the posterior and anterior parts of the eye to allow the fluid in the posterior bit to move into the anterior bit (this was immediately after his cataract removal in his right eye, you may remember; and 'bit' is a technical medical term, in case you are wondering).

So yesterday he headed into the city on a very early train, making sure he would not miss his appointment time, even if there was a delay. Assessments and bloods completed, he made his way home again, with confirmation that surgery was scheduled for Thursday 21st November with a follow up at 7.45am the following day, plus a further follow up on the 25th or 26th.

All these appointments were do-able for us, but the timing was a bit of a hassle as we have Adrian (of Briar Rose fame) coming to stay on 19th for 3 nights - yay!!, and my nephew's wedding in Taranaki on Saturday 23rd; and if Murray is well enough, we are going to drive him up from Palmerston North to Waitara on the Friday. So I would be driving two crocks up - one with a patch on his eye, and the other pretty fragile.

But it was do-able - a bit like managing being a working mother and managing supermarketting, cooking dinner, making sure sports gear is clean and dry, and then ferrying a couple of kids in different directions to and from Saturday sport at different venues, and getting to see part of each of their games and having lunch on the table within 10 minutes of getting home.

So this kind of scheduling is do-able - easy peasy to us mothers.

So David arrived home at about 3pm and said he needed a G&T, because on the way back on the train, he'd had a call to say the surgery was postponed until 10 December because one of the surgeons is now on sick leave. So in the time between leaving the hospital and getting to Waikanae (including time spent shopping for techie bits WITHOUT an approved business case, mind you!) his appointment was postponed.

He was a bit devastated, hence the need for a G&T.

However I was pleased because all of the scheduling hassles had been resolved by one surgeon being sick! YAY!!

And the new appointment doesn't interfere with Ann and Salvi's visit here in the week of my birthday, and we will still be able to see Dee on her birthday, the day after David's surgery. Double YAY!!

So the G&T became celebratory, and had to be accompanied by a chardonnay, even though it was not yet wine o'clock.

Fortunately I had already cooked dinner...


B&P said...

The EYE's have it

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Yes, they do! Well, they both will after this cataract operation!
Big hugs, B&P,