Tuesday, 27 February 2018

More at Momorangi Bay

There are campsites pitches extending up the hill on terraces behind the shop/office.

On the forest experience walk (short, easy and informative) are the pests board with descriptions of how they destroy NZ flora and fauna
So here is what they look like - some of them are cute, but all of them are deadly - and all have been introduced to NZ, dammit!

The birds in the photo board above are what DOC and others are trying to save here at Momorangi. There are lots of stoat and rat traps placed in the bush here.
Beautifully clean water

and big rocks

This is beautiful. I hope it's a native plant.
David on the well-formed track. Intrepid trampers we are not!
The view from the highest camp site pitches - pretty spectacular, eh?

My hair blends into the grey of the sky ... We forgot to take the selfie stick, and I had to take a couple of shots and get David to stop frowning trying to see the screen! So not the best photo, but at least it proves we were both there!

The water in the stream is still clear all the way down to the beach - apparently this is a favourite whitebaiting beach

A panoramic shot of the bay
You can see our motorhome, two away from the building.

This surprised me, but more power to DOC's elbow, I say.
Sorry about the finger in the top left of the photo. The layered rocks fascinated me.

Not the best photo, but this was last night's dinner - chicken and vege curry, made from scratch, with naan bread. There is just enough curry left over for a snack sized lunch today ... On the shopping list beside David is 'can opener' - yesterday I had to go next door and borrow one.

The view from the habitation door this morning at 8.30 while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. Mist/cloud in the hills

And from the front - more mist/low cloud.

This morning we have had a lie in - tea already consumed with gingernuts, and latterly chocolate roll. The overnight rain finally stopped at about 8am, and the weather has cleared. Must be time to get up shortly! It's nearly lunchtime, so I think the curry will be heated and consumed.

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Lovely photo of the two of you. x