Friday, 23 February 2018

And blogging resumes ...

without photos though as the app needs updating and we are waiting for the ferry, and unsure when we will be called to drive on board ... (Photos now available, so a few have been added - this is an edited version of the blog)

It is quite difficult to re-commence blogging after a significant gap – the dilemma is whether to do a detailed catch up or just act as though the intervening period wasn’t worthy of noting down for others to read.

The trilemma (?) includes another option – and I was always taught as a manager that having two options didn’t give freedom of choice whereas three did – the third option therefore is to do a summary. As bullet points are my go to method of providing succinct, logically set out info, I am about to refine the third option. You have been warned …

·      New Year was spent at Chris and Edward’s place in Pahiatua along with Pete and Warren, Bruce and Gary, Chris’s mum who was over from the UK, and numerous other people who stayed in the large house. I snuck off to bed well before midnight but David stayed up, played pass the parcel and won the rainbow toothbrush…
·      Time spent with Tim and the lovely grandsons came down from Opunake for a couple of days and then Tim left the boys with us.
·      I took them away in the motorhome on my own. We went to:
o   Shannon, to Owlcatraz which is very NZ and quaint and decidedly worth visiting (see their website here), and to The Toy Circus, which is also very NZ (even more so than Owlcatraz), very casual and scruffy but fun. It is one man’s collection of TV and movie toys and models, displayed in large cabinets  with hand made signs below exhorting patrons to push the buttons for the animated display … It has the most rumpty mini-golf that I have ever seen. But definitely worth a visit as it is so informal and fun.
o   Palmerston North where we stayed at the Motor Camp and went to the Lido Aquatic Centre next door. Lots of fun on a very hot day – we stayed till the boys turned into shivering prunes … Before leaving PN, I took them to the museum, countermanding their dad’s instructions that they don’t like museums – tough, says I, as I was interested. They were captivated by the lego exhibition and we could have spent much longer there. It is very interactive as well as having displays. After over an hour there, we were about 10 minutes into exploring the rest of the museum when we had a call from Tim to say he was just leaving Hawera on his way to meet us at Wanganui. So we had to leave. The boys were exhorted by me to never tell them again that they don’t like museums.
Dinner in the motorhome at Owlcatraz - the plates hardly needed washing by the time dinner was over ...

At the motorcamp in Palmerston North, right next door to the swimming pool complex. Olek and I managed the awning very well!

Dammit, I was severely beaten by the grandsons at Yahtzee!

  •   I drove Tim, Dana and the boys to Auckland from Opunake to get them on their flights back to the UK; then drove back to Wellington. I stopped on the way back in Taupo and stayed with Colleen, one of the first people we B&Bed with years and years ago (before the turn of the century even …) It was lovely to catch up with her and to spend time talking about her husband Bob who died a few months ago, our new PM, the Deputy PM (of whom Colleen is a big fan). Colleen told me of some advice she had been given on Bob’s death. She has adhered to the advice which was to accept every invitation. Another widow told me the same thing a few days later. Interesting, and something to remember if David decides to shuffle off this mortal coil before me.
·      The rest of January was spent blobbing, eating and drinking with friends, gaining weight, dammit.
·      I bought some lightweight cotton material and made two skirts as skirts are cooler than shorts. Nice to wear, but being cotton, they NEED ironing after laundering – more heat generated, dammit!
·      In the meantime, David worked every day from our return from Opunake and after New Year, on Weaving Memories assignments – well, he is now the only income earner so best he sets his nose to the grindstone, I think.
Early February:
·      Was so hot and so hot and so hot that I stayed inside much of the time, blobbing, moaning ineffectually, moaning loudly, moaning quietly, watching Netflix and reading …
·      More time spent with friends eating and drinking and gaining weight – AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
·      Had a disastrous experience cooking stuffed chicken breasts and baked potatoes on the BBQ when Joy and Grahame were over for dinner. Everything tasted fine, but I cooked everything too long and too hot, and the potatoes were burnt on the bottom (and just like they can be when roasted in a fire) and the chicken was burnt on the bottom too and too dry. Will try again another time, using the trivet, lower temperature and less time. Will only have David as my guinea pig though so my reputation as a reasonable cook isn’t too tarnished …

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the boys again doing so well and you are super Grandparents btw.
We love spending time with our two grandsons it's not quite so exhausting now they are older though.
Ann and Keith xx