Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The weather is pants!!!

We have moved from Nantwich this morning, had half an hour at least getting water (slowest tap on the whole system I think), then we've moved a wee way up on to the Middlewich Arm.

Rain stopped play - again!!

I am over this bad weather - I know it's been raining cats and dogs in NZ, but it is winter there. Here it is meant to be summer, FFS.

David and I have both talked about heading back to NZ early if this continues. It has been over 3 weeks now since we have had consistently sunny days. There has been an extended period though of rain most days - to the extent that the memory of rain is more prevalent than sun. Neither of us have put on any sunscreen for weeks. Now, for me that isn't significant, but for David it is, as he is a pale-skinned easily burned person.

See how bad it's got?

I blame Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.


Adam said...

The best weather is always in September!

Gary Carolyn said...

Head North . We have had brilliant weather for most of the Summer . It's now 22 deg and sunny in Nottingham.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Adam and Adrian, I don't remember a summer like this before, and we have been here often and often over the last 30 years!
I am probably exaggerating but I do find the rain depressing, esp if I have to steer in it, as even if it's not that cold, I get quite chilled when wet! And to think when I was a teenager, I LOVED being out in the rain! Maybe at the moment, it's the incessant nature of it. And I still blame Trump!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Gary and Carolyn,
If I thought Trump's climatic influence wasn't being felt everywhere, I'd suggest to David that we sped away to sunnier climes - but who knows how it would be elsewhere?
We are currently moored across from Venetian Marina and it's windy, wet, clear but cloudy by turns and sometimes all at once ...
Cheers, Marilyn xx