Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Noises off

Yesterday evening, we were just about to head out for dinner (at Flames Indian restaurant - lovely place) when there was an explosive breaking noise from the galley. My first thought was that something had fallen; but even without looking, I couldn't think what was in a position to do so. David's first thought was that someone had smashed a bottle on the roof (there was a hapless, yet innocent couple passing the boat at the time). But when we looked - nothing on the floor and no mess outside.
So I opened a cupboard door: Our biggest Pyrex mixing bowl had spontaneously exploded/shattered into big chunks and little chunks, like a broken windscreen!
Very weird, man! I've heard of spontaneous combustion, but exploding bowls are something else!

It could have been disastrous if it had occurred while I was using it, or while the yeast mixture was bubbling away on the bench for the bread, rather than in the cupboard where at least  the dispersal effect was contained.

I had read recently that the making of pyrex has been moved to China (I think) and that the spontaneous explosive shatterings have been occurring regularly since then. So I was not surprised but am now planning to get rid of our pyrex and replacing it with stainless steel.

A great deal of sweeping up, cleaning up and the jandals were put beside the bed so that there could be no inadvertent wandering into the galley to make tea in a barefoot state.

Speaking of barefoot, on Monday we (well, I - David didn't notice ...) saw a woman sunbathing completely naked in the cratch of her boat. That is my first experience of outdoor public nakedness in the UK - not terribly English, methinks!

Today we have moved on from Penkridge to just past Acton Trussell, but not before a walk down to:
  • the Wednesday market (excellent and very popular/busy), 
  • the hardware shop to buy a large plastic bowl, 
  • the butchers for shin of beef for braised steak and onions for tomorrow probably, and
  • Jaspers (£9 for 2 filled cob rolls, 2 apple turnovers, a peppered steak square, a sausage roll and a batch loaf)
    • At this point, only the batch loaf remains ... 
If you look carefully, you can see me at the counter paying.

Outside Jasper's is clearly a haven for the paparazzi trying to establish who can be blackmailed about eating too much yummy stuff ... Not us - we are proud of supporting such a great place - it's enough to have us come back on the Staff and Worcs canal!

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