Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Olek's blog day

Grammy said that I have to do the blog today.

This morning my Dad came and woke us up at quarter past six but I only got up for ten minutes then went back to bed and slept; but I got up half an hour before anyone else and when I did get up I went and grabbed my phone to watch Top Gear until everyone else was up and walking.

For breakfast I had a bowl of corn flakes, an eighth of an apple and a piece of toast, Grammy and Grandad had a bowl of muesli with yoghurt, and Karol had a bowl of corn flakes, an eighth of an apple and a piece of toast.

When we started moving we were right in front of a lock and the gate was open with the water all the way up on our side!
Once we did that lock we went around the sharpest corner in the northern hemisphere, but I was inside for that which annoyed me slightly.

Karol and Grandad working together opening the paddles at the first lock of the day.

A selfie of Grammy and Me going down the lock.

I am steering the boat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later in the day I spotted a kingfisher! Well. I thought it was a Hummingbird until I realised that it was far too big for a hummingbird and it was blue on the top and orange on the bottom, then as I was going down to tell Grammy until I figured out it was a kingfisher. At the time, we were filling up with water even though we had over half a tank.

Just before we were about to leave two nice people called John and Vicky arrived on the towpath and they were thinking about buying a narrow boat so we gave them a tour of our hire boat which was fun. And apparently John had a Ducati Motor-Bike

After another half an hour of boating we moored up near the town of Woking and it had a mini football pitch so Grandad, Karol and I played a game with me on my own against Grandad and Karol; and near the end Karol left when the score was 4-2 to me but when me and Grandad finished completely it was 4-4 but I was happy with that.

We played the football at a really neat park with lots of things to climb on and over.

I'm climbing on the rock wall.

Karol is swinging in a basket while I have no idea of what I'm doing.
I'm climbing the spider web that links up the two rock walls while Karol squeezes through the hole in the middle.
Grammy thinks we look like tarantulas.

This is the view of the boat from the bridge.
After that Grandad and I went to the shop to buy some more food (milk, gravy mix), a couple of DVDs and a book for Karol at the Charity shop.

Dad came for dinner and we had toad in the hole with mashed potatoes and gravy. (And veges, don't forget the veges!)   

Two nights ago Grandad and I also figured out that the number for the Grammy police is 0800 472 669 and I’ll let you figure that out for yourselves!
(Note from Grammy: Olek started off this morning saying he couldn't think what he'd write about ...)


Jenny said...

Great blog Olek! And you do know that it has gone right around the world, don't you. And yes, you do look rather like huge spiders in that net.
Tell your Grammy to buy more apples - only giving the kids and eight of an apple seems a bit mean to me.

Les Biggs said...

Who needs Grammy with a blogger like Olek.
Anyway Grammy I will be trying my best to stay around for our new year meet.
Les xx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Grammy forced us to eat the apples that i didn't want!

Jo Jones said...

Awesome work Olek!! Give Grammy and Grandad a big hug from me xx

Lisa said...

Great writing Olek, us Readers feel like we are on the boat with you in a way.
Send greeting to Grammy form me too please,
Lisa NB WaL

Marilyn McDonald said...

If I could have Olek and Karol to write the blog each day, I could retire from that as well as from work!
Glad to know you are planning on hanging around a bit longer, mate! Not ready to say goodbye to you yet, friend.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thanks, Jo. Pretty good writing, eh? I think it's in the genes ... Of course PIDs, PIRs etc are not so much fun to write!
See you next week perhaps on our arrival back in NZ, Mxxoo

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thanks, Lisa. He did enjoy writing it, as did Karol the following day.
Have been thinking about you and your Dave and am looking forward to meeting you next year. We need to get organised accordingly!
Cheers, M