Monday, 24 October 2016

Holiday snaps from the Yorkshire Dales

On this holiday we haven't taken as many photos as we usually do; and that is surprising as David got a new camera (video and still) for his birthday. I am surprised that it hasn't been in use all day, every day!

But some have been taken - the new camera came out for its first airing when we were in the Yorkshire Dales for a couple of days (10 and 11 October) on our way to Scotland. Seems ages ago but is only 2 weeks ago!

As we approached Austwick, the end of this rainbow was right beside us on the road.
We stayed in the lovely Traddock Hotel in Austwick. It was a beautiful peaceful place to stay in a lovely village - a wonderful old house that could have been overwhelmingly posh and therefore uncomfortable. But the staff were warm and friendly, and the food was great.
The room with bath and basin. There was a separate shower room with toilet and basin and  also a wee cloakroom/kitchenette.

Bruce is the Scotty dog who acted as a doorstop. He and David became firm friends. Not sure what the constant alliance with inanimate animal-types is about with David ...

David with his new friend

The weather was a bit cooler and misty, and that made the walk we did a bit more atmospheric ... Don't be alarmed though, as we didn't venture terribly far and we had instructions for the 2 hour walk.
We were amazed by the stone fences - such a huge amount of work to construct them. Clearly shows the amount of labour that must have been available back in past centuries.

Seemed quite late for calves, and I am pleased the pathway didn't go through the field with them - mothers and babies should not be disturbed!

There are the remnants f an old barn beside the path and a little stone bridge crossing the brook.

David asked me to stand there so I would obscure the car behind me. I think I am offended. I know I have regained some of the weight I lost, but I am sure I couldn't obscure it totally.

Misty day

The hawk is called Titch - he is almost fully grown but is quite small and still young. We saw him on his way back from a demo with some tourists who had booked a flying session with him. He was stripping a rabbit leg as his reward. The young man told us that he had been quick to train. Next time, we will arrange to do that.
Not much left of the rabbit leg ...

The source of stones for the walls and buildings - and they fall down by themselves

Down the hill and on the way back to Austwick.
Another stone bridge - very old and still very stable.
And David crosses the bridge. It is good to see photos of David - otherwise it looks like I am the only one on this trip!

We will be going back to the Traddock - it is a good stopover point on our way to or from Scotland, and it's a lovely bit of luxury. Nick and Clare, who we stayed with in Stroud, suggested it, and it was a great recommendation. We too would recommend it highly.

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