Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Karol's blog day

I am Karol, I am six years old and today is my blog day. Grammy is doing the typing and I am telling her what to write.

Olek took this photo - it is a reverse selfie because we needed the flash to go off. It was still dark and we were having a cuddle in Grammy and Grandad's bed in the boat.

We have done a lot of boating today and we have done six locks – 3 down and 3 back up. We are back where we were last night, but we are facing the other way.
We liked this house by the river.

Olek is helping a man go through the lock.
I have to wear a lifejacket when I am onboard.

Grammy says this is the remains of the old Newark Priory.

Grammy was driving the boat into the trees by accident and we all had to duck to escape the branches. There were lots of leaves on the deck after that.

When we stopped this afternoon, I hammered in the mooring pins.

Olek and me had time trials running from the back of the boat to the bridge. 

My time was 3m 59.18sec and Olek’s was 3m 59.33sec, so I won!!!!!!

Then I went back outside and then I got stung by a wasp!!! It hurt lots and I cried very loudly. It was very, very painful.

Grandad cuddled me and Grammy put some vinegar on a paper towel for me to hold on it. And it slowly stopped hurting. I felt better when I watched the DVD of Shaun the Sheep.

I also have a small cut but it doesn’t need a plaster.

Dad is coming to stay the night with us tonight and we are having cheese tart and salad for dinner.


Jenny said...

Another great blog writer in the family - great job!!
Sung by a wasp - that sounds nasty. Hope it is all better now.

Les Biggs said...

Fancy Grammy allowing the little ones to be attacked by by a wild animal (wasp) and then pour vinegar all over the child. What were you thinking Grammy, to eat the poor child.
Les xx

Lisa said...

How precious is this? Fabulous, I love guest writers. So glad the weather is (mostly) dry for you all to enjoy yourselves,
Great blog Karol, keep it up.

Marilyn McDonald said...

I am beginning to think writing is in the genes ... The wasp sting certainly provoked a VERY loud response, but the vinegar worked a treat. Good thing I had it onboard!
Cheers, M

Marilyn McDonald said...

Les darling, you should know by now that I would only be the kindest, gentlest person in the world with the grandson! I'm not sure how the wasp fared but when we found one on deck yesterday it was dispatched forthwith into the river in the interests of the sins of the fathers being visited on the sons ...
Karol's all better now, none the worse for the event, but the roar at the time was galvanising!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Lisa,
Both of the boys did well in their writing. They are both excellent communicators and have a good vocabulary which helps ... I don't think it is a negative that both grandparents are ex-teachers either, by the way! They were both initially reluctant (what can I write about???) but rose to the challenge quite well we thought, and it was lovely for their mum and dad to see.
The weather was pretty good overall - quite lovely days and the mornings weren't too cold. Didn't get the chance to try out the Morso Squirrel Stove on board to see if we want one on Waka Huia, dammit.
Cheers, M