Saturday, 24 September 2016

La Perla is closing down!!!

Good grief, is nothing sacred?

La Perla:
  • which opened in 1976
  • introduced to us by John and Adair back in 2003, where John and I spent several long weekend lunches (vegetarian fajitas and one or two bottles of the house white) while Adair slept after night duty and while David languished back in NZ before making his way over here in Feb 2004
  • our favourite eating place in Maiden Lane near Covent Garden and just behind The Strand
  • our daughter Kirsty and friend Tomai's regular haunt during 2005/06 for wonderful cocktails
  • where David and I were planning to take Tim and the grandsons for dinner after seeing The Lion King on Tim's birthday.
Damn it! Is nothing sacred? We ate there yesterday with Pauline and Barry, and the waitress who has worked there for 20 years (must have started as a child) told us it was closing down in a couple of weeks - it has been sold and it to be remodelled as an Indian restaurant. Aren't there enough Indian restaurants in London?

Bah humbug!
See that? Since 1976. Aha! I see it says Paris. Perhaps we will investigate it there. Must look on the net and see if it is still in business ...

I'm pointing to something for Kirsty, and David is pointing to the year before she was born ...

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