Sunday, 25 September 2016

Food parcel distribution - two down, two to go

The main reason for coming to the UK this time was to deliver food parcels. Yes, really. Well, OK, not the main reason, but an important one.

So gingernuts have been provided to Lesley (the aforementioned ODS), plus a stone fridge magnet with a kiwi (painted) on it - from Hokitika, you understand. But more importantly, we gave her a hoodie.
ODS has been threatening to come back to NZ for a few years now, but hasn't made it yet. And she is sadly in need of a break. The hoodie says it all really. Although therapy probably wouldn't be a bad idea ...

And a loaf of Vogel's gluten free soy and linseed bread has been given to Pauline. It is pretty yummy and a huge number of steps above GF bread that I have found over here. It is strange: there is a huge range of yummy GF foods here in the UK, lots more than at home, but the bread isn't comparable. I brought over one for her and one for me, and if I'd had room I would have brought more. As it was the two loaves had to travel in a plastic container so as not to be squashed in transit.

Last two food parcels for distribution are pineapple lumps for my lovely Aunty Molly, and perky nana bars for Tim. As neither of them (the people) are within cooee at the moment, they will have to wait. The perky nanas are not in danger, but those pineapple lumps are being eyed up menacingly ...

Will Molly know if we only give her one bag, instead of the two purchased?

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