Friday, 30 September 2016

How to maintain a 5-2 fasting diet on holiday?

Can someone please let me know the answer to that conundrum, as we are struggling! It was easy when we were on the boat last year, and it's easy at home. But on holiday, with eating out lots, it's proving pretty much impossible.

We were trying to go walking for an hour each day, but that hasn't been maintained.

And we've had some lovely food:
  • lunch at La Perla with Barry and Pauline
  • Sunday lunch with Ray at a pub in Praed St near Paddington
  • dinner at Kazan in Wilton Road with our son Tim
  • dinner at Lionel and Carole's in Beckenham 
  • lunch today at the Watermill in Dorking with my lovely aunt Molly
  • followed by cake at Gordon and Sharon's, son and D-I-L of Molly 
Needless to say, tonight's dinner consisted of 3 crackers and cheese for me, grapes for David.

The lovely son and his mum at Kazan on Wilton Rd, Pimlico

A selfie - well done, David! The lovely Molly at Watermill in Dorking
My cousin Vince - Molly's second son

My cousin, Gordon, Molly's 3rd son, the big twin

The lovely Sharon, Molly's daughter in law, married to Gordon
Molly's youngest son, Nick, came in too, but left before cake and photos ... And Chris (the 4th son, and Gordon's twin) did not appear (not surprising as he lives in Devon) - nor did Pete the eldest. Ah well, no cake for them, then!

Fortunately we are seeing our grandsons tomorrow - that should involve a bit of running around! Sounds like a High Intensity Training session coming up!


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Relax and enjoy yourselves. Get back to the 2-5 (not 5-2 :-) ) after the holiday.
We're on the Leicester Line and thought we might see you at Debdale. Another time!
Memories of shared time on the Thames last year linger on (RAF & Oz connections?)
Best wishes to you both
Marian & Mike

Marilyn McDonald said...

Thank you, Marian and Mike, we did enjoy that impromptu meal and chat last year - was it below Cleeve Lock?
We are calling in at Debdale this morning (Monday 3/10) so if you are close by, give me a call (07397 316621) and we will see if we can find you along the towpath.
Cheers, M