Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekend adventures - Part 1

Well, the weather across the South Island has been much more conducive to weekends away than it was in Tauranga last weekend! David arrived down here in Hokitika early on Friday evening and it has been lovely - in terms of being together, being in holiday mode, and weather-wise.

Friday evening we stayed at Stations Inn up the Blue Spur Road just out of Holiktika. It's a pretty new place, and the room was large, the bed extremely comfortable, and the view was lovely. The rooms have a long verandah in front of them out the sliding doors, and each room has a lovely table and chairs - we sat out there after dinner finishing off the wine that we had not consumed at dinner.
After dinner, sitting on the verandah

Sunsets over the weekend have been beautiful - this was on Friday from Stations Inn

David's luggage seems to ooze out over the floor ...

Not sure what these birds are, but they were happily checking out what they could eat on the lawn early in the day.

A cup of tea in bed. On the table in the foreground is the brekkie for two - not really good value and not up to the standard of the rest of the Stations Inn experience.

The Stations Inn  restaurant is lovely - and has beautiful food. My only two complaints are that the room we were in has no artwork on the walls so it looks a little bare, and the continental breakfast had fruit salad from a can - a definite no-no as far as we, former B&B hosts, are concerned. Doesn't matter what time of the year, fresh seasonal fruit can always be found to make the salad fresh, and with lemon juice and honey mixed and drizzled over it is just yummy!

If we have to stay anywhere apart from the Heritage Highway Motel in future I will book Blue Spur B&B - it looks and sounds lovely. Booking is through airbnb.

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Jenny said...

Those birds are spur winged plovers - noisy birds which flew over from Australia and now well settled here. You can often hear them flying overhead and screeching their heads off at dusk.